Dream Job Just Ahead: 10 things to remember for the year ahead
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Dream Job Just Ahead: 10 things to remember for the year ahead

Dream Job Just Ahead: 10 things to remember for the year ahead
BY Amy Hartman | Tuesday, December 29, 2015

As the holidays draw to a close, and the busyness of the season winds down, we are faced once again with the reality of our job search.

But take heart! The closing of the year provides an opportunity for us to do two things: reflect on good memories…and look ahead to a fresh start.

Perhaps this was a successful year for you. Or maybe it was more challenging than you hoped it would be. Regardless of your current circumstances, here are ten important ideas and thoughts to give you hope in the coming year...

  1. Every person you meet is important. While this may seem an obvious statement, it becomes especially critical while you are in the job search. Anyone you meet can be a link to your next opportunity. Do not burn any bridges behind you, because they can be hard to rebuild.
  2. You are still a professional! You are not defined by your job or lack thereof; rather, you can define your potential and your destiny. When you interact with others, make it clear that you are still working. Working to gain employment is the hardest, and in some ways, the most rewarding job you will have!
  3. Job-seeking makes you stronger. In order to meet the challenges of today’s job-search process, you must develop a resilience you may not have otherwise had to utilize. The change in your routine may also make you more aware of circumstances others around you are facing. Do not give up – every “no” brings you closer to your “yes!” (Also read How job-seeking is a gift and 3 ways transition was a gift in my life.)
  4. This is your opportunity to shine. In spite of your current challenges, be excited about this opportunity to point yourself in a new direction. Keep your chin up – you have potential, purpose, and power! Do not let anyone dim your light.
  5. Lean on your support system. Asking for help is one of the hardest, yet rewarding, things you can do. In general, people want to help, and those who care about you especially want to help. Often, though, they do not know how to help or what to say. Be specific: do you need a new connection? A listening ear? Some constructive criticism? Assistance to make it through the week or month? You will be amazed at what your support system can do for you.
  6. Time is your most precious resource. Spend it wisely! Create a full-time schedule for your job search and also allow time for yourself and your family. Do not allow yourself to be sidetracked by events that do not align with your purpose or your mission. Time is one commodity you cannot regain.
  7. Look outside the box. If you are frustrated with your current search, perhaps it is time to look in a new direction. Consider talking with your network for feedback on new ideas you may have or to learn about ideas they may have. While you want to keep your job search focus fairly narrow, always keep an open mind for new possibilities.
  8. Push yourself one step farther. This is a challenging thing to do when you feel emotionally or mentally drained. You may need the assistance of a good friend. When you feel like giving up, remember that hope is still around the corner. Do not allow discouragement to stop you; rather, allow it to fuel you for your next step in the journey!
  9. Bring a positive attitude to the table. A smile and a kind word go a long way. Your positive approach will gain people’s attention. Do not allow negativity to seep into your conversations with others; save those conversations for your confidantes. Sell yourself as the genuine, positive hard worker you are. You will be amazed at the difference this makes when people meet you!
  10. Know who you are. And know who you are not. Be sure that your career direction aligns with your core values. Be confident in who you are. Invite questions from others and let them see your uniqueness and creativity. Do not be afraid to express what you want and what you like.

A new year means a “new you.” What opportunities will you create for yourself this year? Be excited…the best is always yet to be!

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About Amy Hartman

Amy Hartman

Amy Hartman is an ombudsman at Sinclair Community College.

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