Jessica Bettencourt: I Almost Cancelled

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Jessica Bettencourt: I Almost Cancelled

Jessica Bettencourt: I Almost Cancelled
Michael Woody
Wednesday, February 24, 2021

'I Almost Canceled: Showing Up When Fear Tells You to Stay Home' is a guide on how to overcome self-doubt and build a life the reader desires to have.

Jessica Bettencourt: I Almost Cancelled

Already an entrepreneur, speaker, and business coach; Jessica Bettencourt has now added best-selling author to her resume. In all things she does, Bettencourt aspires to encourage women to believe in their ability to reach their full potential. Titled ‘I Almost Canceled: Showing Up When Fear Tells You to Stay Home’ the book is a guide on how to overcome self-doubt and build a life the reader desires to have.

I Almost CanceledThe key factor to Bettencourt’s success is believing in herself. She knows how it is to start with nothing but high hopes. She has managed to build two multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up in the fields of photography and skin-care. “I meet women all the time that feel like they are the only one feeling the way they feel; unworthy, not smart enough, not good enough, and unfortunately, so many women feel this way.  I felt this way for a long time. So I wanted to share my story and hopefully help women see that they aren't alone.  If they can set aside the pressures of society and be willing to pursue what they truly feel called to do, they will be amazed at what they can accomplish,” she said.

While Bettencourt currently resides in Dayton, she is originally from Tennessee. The book contains a healthy dose of her southern charm used in both hilarious and tear-inducing stories. The real-life examples demonstrate that readers from all walks of life can follow the same path towards success without needing a prestigious degree or fancy upbringing. Bettencourt herself came from very humble beginnings but never allowed it to stop her.

“And, I also want women to see that success looks different for all of us.  Surround yourself with positive, encouraging people who are going to be excited for you as you pursue your version of success,” said Bettencourt.

Rather than close out their biggest aspirations, women are encouraged to turn to ‘I Almost Canceled’ and allow Bettencourt to lead them towards success. “It's definitely geared towards women who have a dream or a passion that they want to pursue.  It will definitely help someone trying to make big decisions or make some changes in their lives.  Anyone who is an entrepreneur or would like to start something for themselves...those are the people it will definitely resonate with,” she said.

To order ‘Almost Canceled’ or to learn more about Bettencourt, go to

5 Questions With...Jessica Bettencourt

What’s your worst habit?
I chew gum really's awful.  So much so that I won't let myself chew gum in public.  I also overanalyze conversations.  It drives me nuts!

If you could know the answer to any question, what would it be?
 What will heaven be like?

What did you most recently binge watch?
I don't watch much TV.  I did watch Bridgerton, it took me about 3 weeks to finish it because I typically only watch about 15 to 30 minutes at a time right before I fall asleep.

What is something that you have wanted to cancel?
 I would love to cancel the ridiculous dialogue I have in my own head about any and every social outing I agree to attend. 

What’s something you enjoy about Dayton?
I love the ease of Dayton...everything is convenient in Dayton.  I value not sitting in traffic, not having a long line at the store...I like that it's easy to live here.  I love the people. Daytonians are kind, warm people.  I love Dayton's history of innovation, pretty amazing when you look at all the things founded in Dayton or by someone from Dayton.  And, I love that we have a military presence with Wright Patterson.  It's what brought us to Dayton.

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