Step Back in Time at Carillon Brewing Company

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Step Back in Time at Carillon Brewing Company

  • Carillon Brewing Co, Dayton OH
    Carillon Brewing Co, Dayton OH [ info ]
  • Pretzel Braid at Carillon Brewing Co
    Pretzel Braid at Carillon Brewing Co [ info ]
  • Fish and Chips at Carillon Brewing Co
    Fish and Chips at Carillon Brewing Co [ info ]

Step Back in Time at Carillon Brewing Company

Step Back in Time at Carillon Brewing Company
Dayton Foodies
Thursday, April 2, 2015

Carillon Park’s newest amenity is a take on a very old Dayton tradition.

Step Back in Time at Carillon Brewing Company

Craft Beer at Carillon Brewing Co, DaytonHistory comes alive at the Carillon Brewing Company at the Carillon Historical Park. It's a step back in time, hearkening to Dayton's long brewing heritage, which can be traced back to 1810. A familiar name, Col. George Newcomb even built a brewery on the side of his tavern offering travelers shelter, food, and beer.  

The first brewers were English descent or English immigrants who produced ales.  In the 1840's and 1850's German Immigrants came to Dayton and introduced a new style of beer, lager, first produced in Dayton in 1852.  Dayton's peak for the brewing industry was in the 1880's with as many as 14 breweries in operation. 

So what's the deal with this new spot?

Carillon Brewing Company offers multiple beers brewed on site using traditional mid-19th century brewing methods.  It's an interactive experience in which they step back in to learn how beer was brewed in the mid-19th century using copper kettles and charcoal fires. The brew masters are in costumes of the period and invite patrons to come up and learn about the brewing process.

And what's good to try on the menu? The restaurant offers traditional German, English, and Irish fair that was inspired by the heritage of many of the 19th century brewery owners and employees.

Bier Cheese Soup at Carillon Brewing Co, DaytonHere are some of our favorites:

  • The Reuben:  The classic sandwich is done right at the brewpub.  A large generous portion.
  • Fish and Chips (photo in slideshow above):  This classic pub dish offers up lightly battered fish fillets with chips and a side of slaw.
  • Pretzel Braid (photo in slideshow above):  A great appetizer that is a huge hit with patrons.  The two dipping sauces (house made cheese sauce and course mustard) were great and we couldn't decide which was the better dip.
  • Bier Cheese Soup (photo right):  Another favorite among many that have tried the restaurant.  A wonderful soup full of flavor and topped with smoked bacon.
  • And don't forget those great beers! You can buy try beers by the flight or by the pint. 
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    Carillon Brewing Co.
    The Carillon Brewing Co. is an 1850s style brewery and restaurant in the beautiful setting of Carillon Historical Park. It is the nation's only full production brewery in a museum.