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Roost Modern Italian

Roost Modern Italian
Lauren Rinehart
Thursday, November 08, 2012

Italy is a dynamic place with constantly evolving tastes. The best place in Dayton to find truly modern Italian food is Roost Modern Italian in the Oregon District.

Roost Modern Italian

When Italians came to this country many years ago, they brought with them their traditional recipes for rich tomato sauce, fresh pasta, and delicious desserts. These recipes diffused into American culture and cuisine, creating a time warp for Italian food that doesn't always acknowledge Italy as a dynamic place with constantly evolving tastes. Italian cuisine has evolved and the best place in Dayton to find truly modern Italian food is Roost Modern Italian in the Oregon District.

Roost Modern ItalianOne reason to check out Roost is the fact that co-owner and Executive Chef, Dana Downs, was voted Dayton's Best Chef in a Dayton Business Journal competition earlier this year. Dana opened Roost in November 2011 but getting to that point included learning the restaurant business from her time working at Franco's Ristorante Italiano under her mentor Franco Germano. She also operated the Black Rooster Pasta Bar in the Second Street Market, all the while crafting the flavors we now have the opportunity to experience in Roost Modern Italian.

Roost Modern ItalianTheir menu changes every so often so each time you visit, you may have a few new items to choose from. The dishes are diverse and incorporate many inventive ingredients you may not have tried before. I once ate a pasta dish that incorporated pesto and almond slices! It was very tasty although an unexpected combination. Many of their entrees can be made vegan or vegetarian, although to find out exactly what is in each dish, you will have to ask your server. (I will warn vegans and vegetarians that veal is served at Roost.)

The wine selection is wonderful and dining at Roost is a great way to try something new. They even have wine in their dessert menu. The dessert called "The Trilogy" offers Italian espresso roast coffee, chocolate ‘morso,' and a small glass of Chianti.

Roost Modern Italian, Dayton OhioI love that the décor and style of Roost is very modern and minimal. I have to admit, I figured with a name like "Roost" the place would be inundated with chickens and folk art but was pleasantly surprised to walk into a serene restaurant with muted colors and metallic accents.

If you're looking for a modern flavor in Dayton, you should definitely try Roost Modern Italian.

Roost Modern Italian
524 E. Fifth St.
Dayton, OH 45402

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