Crazy Mango Bar and Bistro

BY: Lisa Seibert By Lisa Seibert, Contributing Writer - April 5, 2013.
last updated 04/05/2013
Crazy Mango Bar and Bistro

Crazy Mango Bar & Bistro opened this week and a couple of us from Dayton Local went to check them out Wednesday evening.

Crazy Mango Bar and Bistro

Judy and Bob Silva Crazy Mango Bar & Bistro opened this week and a couple of us from Dayton Local went to check them out Wednesday evening. The new restaurant, at 81 Magnolia Lane is modern, filled with warm wood tones, and friendly staff members. We were greeted by a smiling hostess who quickly led us to a table.

The hours and menu will both be limited the first couple weeks (through April 14th). They open at 5pm daily and offer call ahead seating.

Burmese Roasted Garlic and Chive Sticks and the Crazy Mango Salad Don’t be surprised if you find the proprietors Judy and Chef Bob Silva (left) making the rounds, talking to guests, and asking for feedback.

Judy and Bob are still developing the menu and plan to use feedback from guests to determine what new items will be added and what items should go. They also mentioned that they have a few special events planned to introduce new foods to guests over the summer.

Bison Burger and Mojito WingsAfter perusing the menu we ordered several house specialties.

The Burmese Roasted Garlic & Chive Sticks with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce are rolls of phyllo filled with rich creamy garlic rangoon style filling, and a lot more of it than you would get in a traditional crab Rangoon.

Thai Crazy Mango Salad - a beautiful salad of greens, mango, and mixed vegetables tossed in a light citrus flavored vinaigrette. This salad is light, crisp, and will be refreshing during the hot summer.

The Mojito Chicken Wings were a nice change of pace from the usual buffalo style wings and the Bison Burger was moist, perfectly seasoned and accompanied by crisp hand cut french fries.

Crazy Mango has a beautiful outdoor patio, but it was still a little too chilly Wednesday evening to take advantage of it. Since we’ll no doubt be back, we’ll sit outside the next time.

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Crazy Mango Bar and Bistro.

Crazy Mango Bar and Bistro - Restaurant closed July 2015.

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