Amys Top 3 Tastes for Winter Restaurant Week
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Amy's Top 3 Tastes for Winter Restaurant Week

Amy's Top 3 Tastes for Winter Restaurant Week
Amy Dallis
Thursday, January 17, 2019

Amy recommends: Dewberry 1850, The Caroline, and newcomer Calypso Grill for 2019 Winter Restaurant Week.

Amy's Top 3 Tastes for Winter Restaurant Week

Beef Short Ribs - The Caroline - Restaurant WeekAmy's Top 3 Tastes for Winter Restaurant Week 2019

Braised Oregano Garlic Chicken

1. Braised Oregano Garlic Chicken with Smoked Cheddar Biscuit and Jalapeño Jelly (pictured) - Dewberry 1850. At a previous Winter Sneak Peek, this talented culinary team won notoriety and caught my attention with a delicious quail eggs and risotto pairing. This time, Dewberry 1850 delighted with a modern twist on chicken and biscuits. The result was a perfect mix of sweet, salty, and savory. The biscuits were fresh, sliced on site, and crumbly the way a good Southern-inspired biscuit should be. The chicken was flavorful and the jalapeño jelly was a nice counterbalance to the garlic, though I would have put on a few more spoonfuls of the jelly if I had access to the jar. All in all, a perfect small plate offering. 

Beef Short Ribs

2. Beef Short Ribs (pictured) - The Caroline - I loved the tenderness and delicious flavor of The Caroline’s savory hickory and molasses beef short ribs, served atop a cloud of melt-in-your-mouth whipped mashed potatoes. Judging by the constant line at this table, I would say this entree was a crowd favorite and definitely worth a trip to the Square in downtown Troy to experience in person.

Jerk Chicken

3. Jerk Chicken - Calypso Grill - This simple, no frills offering surprised me when it ended up as one of my top three favorites. But when I bit into this flavorful blackened chicken served with a heap of tasty hot sauce, the entree stood on its own - no fancy side dish required. I’ve never been to the Calypso Grill located on US 68 just outside of Yellow Springs, but you can bet I’ll be paying a visit during restaurant week.

Dayton Winter Restaurant Week runs January 20 - 27, 2019

For participating restaurants and menus, head over to our Guide to Winter Restaurant Week 2019.

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