Nelly Cuddles® Holiday Gifts

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Nelly Cuddles® Holiday Gifts

Nelly Cuddles® Holiday Gifts

Made here in Ohio, Nelly Packs® are microwavable body warmers, and Nelly Cuddles® are microwavable stuffed animals for kids.

Nelly Cuddles® Holiday Gifts

Nelly PacksBrowse our website to see our full selection of locally made body warmers and stuffed animals, and use the code daytonlocal on checkout for a 15% discount!

Unique Christmas gifts for family, friends, moms, aunts, neices or nephews!

Nelly Cuddles

Nelly Packs® are unique microwavable body warmers. There are many different styles available, in many different colors and fabrics. Our body warmers are made with 100% natural materials. They are filled with flax seed, wheat, vanilla, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, rosemary, spearmint, elderberries, rose hips, and rose petals. Nelly Packs can also be made unscented for those who are sensitive to herbs.

Nelly Cuddles® are microwavable stuffed animals which ease childrens tummy aches, earaches, soothe babies to sleep - unique toys and great fun for kids!  Dayton Local has a coupon for 15% off all Nelly Packs (body warmers) and Nelly Cuddles, just in time for the holidays!  

All Nelly Packs® and Nelly Cuddles® are made right here in Ohio by a select group of moms who are supplementing their income to support their families!

Deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery is December 20.  Don't forget to use the code daytonlocal on checkout for a 15% discount!  Order now.


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    Nelly Packs & Nelly Cuddles
    Microwavable body warmers. Nelly Cuddles are microwavable Stuffed Animals for kids. Unique toys - fun to play - great source of comfort. Fantastic gifts for the family! This family owned, online business is located in Versailles, Ohio.