Outrageous Musical Comedy at The Schuster Nov 3-8

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Outrageous Musical Comedy at The Schuster Nov 3-8

Outrageous Musical Comedy at The Schuster Nov 3-8
Michael Woody
Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A series of rapid fire one-liners is promised to be shot out with enough ammunition to directly hit the funny bone of everyone in the audience.

Outrageous Musical Comedy at The Schuster Nov 3-8

Written by Woody Allen, an outrageous musical comedy, fresh from Broadway, filled with top notch dancing and music comes to the Schuster Center for performances November 3-8.

Set in 1929, in New York City, Bullets Over Broadway, follows a young playwright whose getting his first play produced on Broadway. However, there’s problems with getting it financed, so the producer turns to an old mobster friend for help. The mobster agrees to provide the funding, only on the condition that his talentless girlfriend is given the leading role.

The role of the producer, Julian, is being played by Rick Grossman. A veteran of the stage, Grossman has been involved with theatre for over 30 years and is still impressed by the number of laughs packed into Bullets Over Broadway. “It is one laugh after another, after another, after another. There are nights that as a cast we have to wait until the laughter to be sent out to sea before we can throw another one out,” he said.

The fast paced, rhythmic dialogue is a trademark of Allen’s writing that Grossman admires and keeps the audience laughing throughout. A longtime fan of Allen, Grossman was fortunate enough to see him perform stand-up several years ago and has twice appeared in one of his early plays, Don’t Drink the Water. In addition to his familiarity with Woody Allen, Grossman fits perfectly into the role due to his similarities to Julian. “We were both born in New York, have an interest in theatre and are full of life. We both love what we do and gives it our all. I feel there’s a correlation between us,” said Grossman.

Grossman has spent close to his entire life in the industry, having served as both an actor and director. He was born into a theatrical family, as his grandparents were pioneers of the Yiddish Theater, which his parents were also involved in. Grossman made his theatrical debut at the age of six, when he appeared in a show with both of his parents.

All the featured music is from the twenties and thirties era, many of which will be familiar, such as “I’m Sitting on Top of the World,” and “Runnin’ Wild.” The choreography is composed by Susan Stroman, a 5-time Tony Award winner. “The dancing is phenomenal, you will be marveled by it,” said Grossman.

This is the first national tour of Bullets Over Broadway and it’s been very well received by audiences nationwide. “All of the costumes and the set pieces are all directly from Broadway, which is very rare for tours as usually reproduced items are used,” said Grossman.

Bullets Over Broadway will be at the Schuster Center, November 3-8. (Click here for showtimes)

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