Dayton Children’s reveals fun new logo, inspired by Wright Bros.

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Dayton Children’s reveals fun new logo, inspired by Wright Bros.

Dayton Children’s reveals fun new logo, inspired by Wright Bros.

Dayton Children's is transforming its brand from the inside out, starting with a new logo. Introducing "The Whirligig"!

Dayton Children’s reveals fun new logo, inspired by Wright Bros.

Inspired by the Wright brothers, logo reaffirms commitment to kids and community

The Whirligig Logo

Dayton Children’s Hospital revealed a new brand identity this morning, designed to reaffirm its mission, vision and commitment to kids and the community.

Designed by local agency Graphica, the inspiration for the new logo comes from Dayton’s history of innovation in flight and connects to the hospital’s new design theme of "things that fly".

Affectionately dubbed "The Whirligig", the new logo is a spinning circle of colorful ribbons "linking all caregivers, those inside the hospital as well as those outside the walls, to the child – the star at the center of it all". 

A facebook post this morning offered more insight into the idea behind the new logo: "As children, the Wright brothers were inspired when their father brought home a toy whirligig.  It seemed to defy gravity, floating when it should have fallen. Their awe ignited a passion that would change the world.  Dayton Children’s passion to care for kids is just as strong."

And if that explanation didn't make you feel warm and fuzzy enough, there's more.  Each portion of the new logo also has a specific meaning. “The white star within the center of the logo shows that the child is our singular focus,” says Kelly Kavanaugh, vice president of marketing and strategic planning.

“The ribbons represent the many members of our community that surround a child with care and support, as well as the many members of the care team that surround them at Dayton Children's.  The vibrant colors represent the variety of services we provide, the diversity of the patient population we serve and the bright future we think all kids deserve. The lower case font illustrates how we address items at a child’s level and demonstrates our humility in being a community-supported health care system.”

This is a pivotal time for Dayton Children’s. “Dayton Children’s is not the same hospital it was, even just a few years ago,” said Deborah A. Feldman, president and CEO.  “Plain and simple, no one is more committed to the health and wellbeing of the children of our community than Dayton Children’s.”


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