Bald Eagles Nesting at Carillon Park
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Bald Eagles Nesting at Carillon Park

Bald Eagles Nesting at Carillon Park
Posted 2/6/2018

PHOTO: Taken on the grounds of Carillon Historical Park by photographer Jason Hale.

Bald Eagles Nesting at Carillon Park

Bald Eagles Now Nesting at Carillon Historical Park

Dayton History is excited to announce that a living, breathing symbol of America has recently arrived at Carillon Historical Park, joining the dozens of buildings and thousands of artifacts that represent Dayton's pivotal role in our nation's history. 
A pair of bald eagles has been diligently constructing a nest at the privately funded historical park. Completely absent from the Dayton region from 1938 until 2008, and classified for decades as an endangered species, this raptor duo are the first bald eagles to nest on the property in Park history. 
Fittingly, America's national bird has taken up residence high in a Sycamore tree above the John W. Berry, Sr.Wright Brothers Aviation Center, which houses the original 1905 Wright Flyer III, the world's first practical airplane. 
Carillon Historical Park's Aviation Center, a tribute to the originators of manned, powered, heavier-than-air flight, exhibits more original Wright brothers' artifacts than anywhere else in the world. The treastures include the 1902 Korona V camera, which captured one of the most famous images in human history, the photo of the first successful airplane flight of December 17, 1903. The 1898 Singer sewing machine used by the brothers to sew muslin fabric on their aircraft, the Wright family Bible, Orville Wright's toolbox, Wilbur Wright's traveling bag, and a rare experimental engine are among the other highlights. 
Those interested in catching a glimpse of the eagles, visiting the Wright Brothers Aviation Center, or experiencing the Park's many other exhibits can do so during Carillon Historical Park's normal operating hours: Monday through Saturday, 9:30-5:00 and Sunday, 12:00-5:00. Regular admission fees of $5.00 per child (3-17); $8.00 per adult (18-59); and $7.00 per senior (60+) apply. Dayton History members and those under age 3 are admitted free of charge. 
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