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Sushi - Your Way

Sushi - Your Way

BY Lauren Rinehart | Saturday, September 15, 2012

As much as I appreciate the fine art of sushi making, I've always wanted to have more control over what goes in the roll. Often a sushi roll will sound appetizing until maybe the last ingredient, and then I'll have to pick something else entirely rather than modify the contents. Sushi chefs as a rule don't cater to special requests or allow substitutions in the same way you wouldn't ask the large-scale artist Chuck Close to paint a portrait on a postcard.

Located near the University of Dayton, Fusian rewrites the rules regarding sushi by creating a restaurant where customers can build a sushi roll from the sea weed up. Fusian - Brown Street, Dayton Options include traditional ingredients like crab and avocado, as well as new innovations like tofu and their rotating ingredient of the month (in August it was summer squash grown in Brookville, Ohio). I'm a big fan of adding jalapeƱo to sushi because it adds a kick and crunch at the same time and without Fusian, I would have never tried it.

When you walk up to the counter, you first select the base of the sushi, either sea weed or soy wrap. Next you get to fill the roll with veggies and fish or tofu and they put it through the slicer. Top the roll with any sauce or combination of sauces that you want and you're good to go! With literally thousands of combinations, you never have to have the same roll twice and each visit to Fusian can be an entirely new flavor adventure if you want it to be. I don't think I could ever get tired of this place.

So you may be thinking that this all sounds neat but there's more to getting sushi than the roll itself. I agree wholeheartedly, which is why I love that at Fusian you can add other traditional Asian restaurant sides to your order such as miso soup and edamame.

If you're in the mood for a sushi experience that's both fun and interactive in a relaxed, casual setting, Fusian is the place for you.

1200 Brown St.
Dayton, OH 45409

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About Lauren Rinehart

Girl About Town

Lauren Rinehart, lifestyle blogger behind Girl About Town (, lives, eats, works, and shops around Dayton, Ohio and broadcasts the best of Dayton to her readers.

Lauren was born in Dayton, and in September 2011 bought her first home in Linden Heights with her husband, Rob and their dog, Julia.

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    FUSIAN are a fresh-casual sushi restaurant serving you a unique experience. we feature local, fresh, and natural ingredients on our menu. we embody social and environmental responsibility in our community. we respect our food and the people who eat it.

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