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awesome YOGURT!

awesome YOGURT!

BY Tristan Navera | Monday, August 13, 2012

Kettering's newest Frozen Yogurt Place is hoping to reel in locals with some creative deals as it celebrates its grand opening next week.

Naomi Fogel, a stay-at-home mom turned owner of Awesome Yogurt, said the new shop at the intersection of Far Hills and Dorothy Lane will have its ribbon cutting ceremony next week. They began serving August 1.

"When I saw they were building this new building, I started looking around and found this would be a good fit for the community," Fogel said. "There aren't any others places like it in the area."

Fogel's shop is a self-serve frozen yogurt shop specializing in fruity cold treats. The shop serves 10 flavors at a time, charging by weight. Her shop really stands out with options like peach, tart and blueberry flavors, though options change regularly.

"Everyone who has come in so far has liked it," Fogel said, "They like to have something that's healthful and inexpensive. The atmosphere is fun, and it's a great time all-around."

More impressive given Fogel's decision to open independently instead of relying on a franchise.

"I researched a lot of franchises … but I couldn't take them telling me what to do about everything." She said, "I figured I could figure it out myself."

For the curious hoping to sample Naomi Fogel's masterpiece, the shop is celebrating its opening next week with the following specials:

Monday: "Moustache Monday," 10 percent off for anyone with a moustache (fake moustaches count, sharpies available)

Tuesday: Buy an "Awesome Yogurt" T-shirt and get 10 percent off for wearing it in. Discount will continue during all subsequent Tuesdays.

Wednesday: "House of Windsor Wednesday" talk or dress like the William and Kate and get 10 percent off.

Thursday: "Team Thursday" 10 percent off for anyone wearing their favorite sports team.

Friday: "Food for Friday" 10 percent off for anyone who brings in a nonperishable food item to donate.

Awesome Yogurt
3012 Far Hills Ave.
Kettering, OH 45429

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