Dayton Art Institute Seeking Oktoberfest Volunteers

last updated 09/02/2023
Dayton Art Institute Seeking Oktoberfest Volunteers

The Dayton Art Institute is seeking community volunteers for its 2023 annual Oktoberfest, taking place September 22-24.

Dayton Art Institute Seeking Oktoberfest Volunteers

The Dayton Art Institute (DAI) has announced its annual call for Oktoberfest volunteers. Dayton’s favorite fall festival–and the longest-running Oktoberfest celebration in southwest Ohio–takes place September 22–25-4 on the museum grounds.

“Oktoberfest wouldn’t be possible without the support of more than 2,000 individuals each year,” said DAI Director & CEO Michael R. Roediger. “Oktoberfest is a wonderful way to bring everyone in our diverse community together, whether attending, volunteering to support the festival, or both! As the DAI’s largest annual fundraiser, it plays a vital role in supporting museum operations throughout the year, and our volunteers are crucial to the festival’s success.”

Many different volunteer opportunities are available at Oktoberfest 2023, including selling Oktoberfest mugs and t-shirts, selling soft drinks and water, and staffing admission gates.

Those interested in volunteering must register through the museum’s Oktoberfest Volunteer Hub, which can be accessed on the Oktoberfest page of the Dayton Art Institute website.

Register & view volunteer opportunities Select "VOLUNTEER" on this page to register.
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