Ohio Expands 2024 Sales Tax Holiday

last updated 06/04/2024
Ohio Expands 2024 Sales Tax Holiday

Great news for Ohio families! Extended financial relief for shoppers in Ohio this summer during the longest sales tax holiday in state history.

Expanded 2024 Sales Tax Holiday in Ohio to Help Families

The sales tax holiday will take place from 12 a.m. on Tuesday, July 30 until Thursday, August 8 at 11:59 p.m.

Governor Mike DeWine recently announced a significant expansion of the state's annual Sales Tax Holiday.  This year, the tax-free shopping period stretches over ten days, from July 30th through August 8th, offering a welcome break for families and budget-conscious consumers.

Traditionally, the Sales Tax Holiday was a three-day event focused on easing the burden of back-to-school shopping. This year, however, the focus has broadened.  While school supplies and clothes will still be tax-exempt, the increased duration and higher spending limit of $500 per item opens the door to a wider range of purchases.

"This expanded sales tax break will help Ohio’s families with back-to-school necessities as well as other substantial purchases during a time when so many household budgets are being strained," Governor DeWine said in a statement.

In previous years, the tax-free list only included clothing under $75 and school supplies or instructional materials priced at $20 or less. This year's expanded range allows for bigger-ticket items without incurring sales tax.

It's important to note that the sales tax holiday tax exemption applies only to qualifying merchandise, not services.  Additionally, watercraft, motors, vehicles, alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana-related products remain taxable.

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