Which Burger is Better, the 'Meadow' or the 'Lark'?

BY: Tristan Navera By Tristan Navera, Contributing Writer - May 20, 2013.
last updated 05/20/2013
Which Burger is Better, the 'Meadow' or the 'Lark'?

Meadowlark Restaurant is well-known for its standard of taking conventional dishes and doing something completely different with them. Even the burgers are different!

Which Burger is Better, the 'Meadow' or the 'Lark'?

You'd be hard-pressed to spot them driving down Far Hills Ave., but odds are you've heard of Meadowlark Restaurant. The popular restaurant just south of Kettering is well-known for its standard of taking conventional dishes and doing something completely different with them.

Fact is, it doesn't matter what kind of mood you're in, what kind of food you prefer, you'll come to Meadowlark and find something that challenges the traditional tastes of what you like. Taking cues from dining throughout the world, you can taste a very exotic Vietnamese Noodle Salad, you can bite into the popular "Chicago style" salad that's served with charred hot dogs alongside chopped pickle, banana pepper rings and a ballpark mustard vinaigrette that evokes the Windy City legend.

Even the burgers are different! While you'll find a hamburger and a vegetarian equivalent just about anywhere, Meadowlark's two namesakes will knock you off your feet.

So which is better, the 'Meadow' or the 'Lark'?

Meadowlark Lark BurgerThe 'Lark is an all-beef patty seasoned with red wine and rosemary, topped with cheddar and mustard-mayo. It's very savory; at first I thought there was goat cheese inside, but the burger's flavors instead result in a very juicy and lingering flavor. Paired with the specially-seasoned French fries seasoned with a herbaceous note of dill and garlic, and you've got a burger that's unlike anything you'll find anywhere else.

Meadowlark Lark BurgerA vegetarian burger is a funny thing. Making one fresh is difficult. You wouldn't know that when you bit into the Meadow burger. The patty is formed from packed veggies, nuts and grains, and the end result is a very three-dimensional taste. Peppers immediately jump out to the tongue, while pine nuts give a very slight crunch that accentuates the char-grilled surface of the burger. It's vegan, but can also be served with a mustard-mayo and roma tomato slices. What's better, it's crumbly-fresh. I suggest trying it with the house greens as a side, which are lightly touched with a vinaigrette. I'd say that's the most creative vegetarian burger I've ever tasted in this city.

Don't just stick to the burgers, though, there are a ton of other great options, from the above favorites to the salads, Creole-inspired grits or Huevos rancheros, Meadowlark really knocks at all ranges of flavors, the end result is something that wows me with every bite.

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Meadowlark - Contemporary cooking, from scratch, featuring high-quality ingredients cooked simply but imaginatively with lively, bright-tasting flavors.

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