Lisa's Top 3 Tastes for Winter Restaurant Week (2018)

BY: Lisa Seibert
last updated 01/18/2018
Lisa's Top 3 Tastes for Winter Restaurant Week (2018)

Lisa recommends: Short Ribs Rissotto, Braised Beef Short Ribs, Orzo, & Quail Egg with Crispy Onion, Reuben Chowder.

Lisa's Top 3 Tastes for Winter Restaurant Week (2018)

The Miami Valley Restaurant Association's Sneak Peek to Winter Restaurant Week coaxed hundreds of Dayton foodies to brave single digit temperatures for a sampling of the week ahead. It's all but impossible to enjoy meals in each of the over 40 participating restaurants in spite of the "8 day week", so the opportunity to sample several at one time should not be missed.

Winter Restaurant Week

Fifteen restaurants put forth a variety of salads, soups, tacos, shrimp, chicken, turkey, short ribs, pork, and desserts to persuade guests to dine with them next week. Fortunately, many local restaurants offer seasonal menus. The fact that we're actually experiencing winter this year influenced my choice of these favorites:

Short Ribs Rissotto

Sweet potato crisps were the perfect garnish for tender short ribs and creamy risotto. Simply delicious.

Where to find: Basil's on Market

Braised Beef Short Ribs, Orzo, & Quail Egg with Crispy Onion

Situated in the newly remodeled Dayton Marriott, this creative and delightful combination of flavors tasted as rich as it looked.

Where to find: Dewberry 1850

Reuben Chowder

I have to admit being leary as I lightly touched the spoon to tongue for a taste; after all, I don't like corned beef and have only recently re-acquainted myself with sauerkraut. The more I ate, the more I loved it. (Amy, I'm confident that you'd have liked it if you would have just tried it.)

Where to find: Amber Rose

I agree with Amy, though dessert didn't make my top 3, Coco's Creme Brûlée was delicious and the perfect way to end a tasty evening.

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Dayton Winter Restaurant Week runs January 21 -18

For participating restaurants and menus, head over to our Guide to Winter Restaurant Week 2018.

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