Fifth Street Brewpub Now Serving Home Brews

BY: Lisa Seibert
last updated 07/28/2014
Fifth Street Brewpub Now Serving Home Brews

Fifth Street Brewpub now serves their own craft brews.

Fifth Street Brewpub Now Serving Home Brews

Fifth Street Brewpub, which boasts more than 2,500 member owners is only the second, though now largest cooperative brewpub in the United States. Located in historic St. Anne’s Hill near downtown Dayton, the “neighborhood” bar opened nearly a year ago offering wine, liquor, and craft beers. FSB added great food a few months later, and recently introduced their own long awaited craft brews.

Eager to taste the new brews, I made my way to FSB in the late afternoon July 16th. I was thrilled to find an open seat at the bar and ordered a flight of all 3 beers (3 - 4 oz tastes, not 3 pints): Cure All Cream Ale, Maybe Ramona Brown, and Deluge Pale Ale. FSB’s beers are not heavily carbonated, relieving some of you of headaches. Because I enjoyed its coffee and chocolate notes, I followed the flight with a pint of Maybe Ramona Brown.

One of my favorite things about FSB is that although I always see people I know, you don’t have to know anyone and you’ll still have a great time. Within minutes of arriving, I struck up conversations with the folks on each side of me. We were all of different experience levels and got “schooled” on craft beer by a new friend. Clearly an experienced craft beer lover and brewer, Bob shared details about varieties of hops, brewing methods, and the differences between Pale Ale and an IPA among other things.

A few days later I met Brian Young, a founding member and President of the FSB Board. He was drinking a “Summer Shandy” consisting of Cure All Cream Ale and Lemonade, so I had one too. Tasty, refreshing, and much better than the bottled variety’s I’ve tried. When I asked Brian if serving FSB’s own craft beers completed a bucket list item for him, and he assured me that I “have no idea”.

Soon we were joined by another founding board member, Maureen Barry, who shared why FSB’s 2nd Birthday and 1st Anniversary are only about 6 weeks apart. Maureen explained (assuring me that labor pains were involved) that the founding members gave “birth” by committing to the project while sitting in the run down vacant building in June 2012 and will celebrate their 1 year anniversary in the completely remodeled space on August 3rd.

The initial offerings are selling so well that they will likely soon run out of them soon for a short time. Don’t worry, FSB has many other quality craft brews on tap and introduced Scottish 85 Shilling last week. 

Fifth Street Brewpub.

Fifth Street Brewpub - Ohio's first cooperatively owned brewpub, located in the beautiful St. Anne's Historical District. All are welcome to come have a pint, share the good company, and dine on scratch food.

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