2nd Annual MVRA Taco & Nacho Fest: A Delicious Fiesta

BY: Lisa Seibert
last updated 08/28/2023
2nd Annual MVRA Taco & Nacho Fest: A Delicious Fiesta

Amidst the sizzle and spice of the fest, creativity reigned supreme as vendors unveiled taco and nacho creations that blew minds and taste buds.

2nd Annual MVRA Taco & Nacho Fest: A Delicious Fiesta

Victor Hugo said “Curiosity is gluttony. To see is to devour.” Well, I did more than just “look” at each entry at Taco & Nacho Fest. Judges (including yours truly) had the task of tasting and critiquing each creation. Nearly 20 competitors brought the fiesta to life and submitted entries for “Best”, “Most Creative”, and the coveted “People’s Choice” titles. 

The weather cooperated by providing a sunny day that included a break from the near triple-digit heat index temps experienced earlier in the week. Plenty of activities for the kids, a beer garden, and live music from Until Rust, Liars for Hire, and Alexis Gomez were followed by fireworks at the end of the night. 

After nearly 3 hours, four winning tastes were named:

Best Dessert: JA's & Sweet-umms

Strawberry Lemonade Cake With A Splash Of Tequila

Strawberry Lemonade Cake With A Splash Of Tequila - Moist strawberry lemonade cake topped with a sweet glaze, lemon garnish, and then, a mischievous twist! A splash of tequila added a playful kick.

Most Creative: elé Cake Co. Bistro & Wine Bar

Honey Fried Chicken Taco w/ pickles sliced radishes

Honey Fried Chicken Taco. Crispy fried chicken, drizzled with golden honey and garnished with pickles and radishes balanced sweet and savory notes. This item is on their current appetizer list if you’d like to try it. 

Best Taco: 1776 Grill - Chicken Bacon Ranch TacoDilla

Chicken Bacon Ranch TacoDilla

Taco and quesadilla joined forces: grilled soft tortilla with chicken, bacon, and melted cheese in an open face taco topped with lettuce and ranch. Easy to fold and eat.  I can see myself attempting this at home. 

Best Nacho & Peoples Choice Best Nacho: Rolling Indulgence - Nacho Mama's Mac

Rolling Indulgence - Best Nacho

Creamy Taco Mac & Cheese loaded on crispy tortillas & Doritos. A culinary masterpiece that not only took the judges "Best Nachos" award but also won the hearts of mac & cheese lovers and nacho aficionados alike. Cheesy perfection achieved! My picture does not do these nachos justice, though I’m not sure any photo can.

People's Choice, Best Taco: Smokin Inferno BBQ & Catering

Smokin Inferno BBQ Best Taco

2 years in a row! They offered a variety of tacos. The Chicken Bacon Ranch taco I tried was tacorific.

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