You've Got Potential!

last updated 04/27/2018
You've Got Potential!

Watch Mister C's Potential and Kinetic Energy Chain Reaction video to learn more about kinetic and potential energy.

You've Got Potential!

There are many types of energy to explore in science: chemical, thermal, gravitational or even nuclear. The simplest way to categorize energy is as being either potential or kinetic. Potential energy is stored energy and kinetic energy is the motion. Think of a roller coaster. Potential energy is the energy stored as a roller coaster sits at the top of the hill, there is lots weight in those cars waiting to take eager riders down the hill. Once the roller coaster is in motion, now we are looking at kinetic energy, the energy is in motion and the riders are having a blast!

Mister C uses blocks, rubber bands and popsicle sticks to create a lot of potential energy and then what fun it is to see what happens to the sticks when that potential energy is release and the kinetic energy gets in motion! At home you can recreate this experiment with similar items. Try changing things up, see what happens if your blocks are smaller or bigger. What happens if you put two rubber bands on instead of just one. Do the sticks fly further? Have fun

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, teacher, or friend, we can all take the time to help kids reach their full potential. Mister C invites you all to join him to explore the wonders of the world around us to LEARN TOGETHER!

When Mister C is not in the lab experimenting or in the studio dropping beats, he loves to connect with other learners online. Share how you’re having fun learning this week and use #LearnTogetherDayton to show everyone what you have learned with Mister C!

Mister C.

Mister C - Mister C makes the ordinary extraordinary with his famous Hair Raising Science! Join him to explore the world & learn amazing things through demonstrations, experiments & songs. Let's learn together!

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