DIY Elephant Toothpaste by Mister C

BY: Mister C
last updated 02/08/2018
DIY Elephant Toothpaste by Mister C

Even though we call it elephant toothpaste, you don't have to have a pet elephant to enjoy this simple experiment!

DIY Elephant Toothpaste by Mister C

Scientists like to describe what they are observing, especially when things start changing. Changes can be either physical or chemical. Chemical changes are when something changes into other, new materials that have different properties from the original, and one or more new substances are formed. The simplest way to say if a change is chemical is to ask, “Can this go back to the way it was?” If it cannot return back to the original way, it has undergone a chemical change.

You probably already have everything you need in your kitchen right now to try this awesome science experiment. 

Please ask for permission before you start. Gather your materials and mix them following the directions in the video below.


  • Dish soap
  • Packet of Yeast
  • Clear container
  • Water

Can the dish soap and yeast go back to the way they originally were? Did you have a chemical reaction? What variables could you change in your experiment to make something different happen? Add food coloring? Add more soap?

When Mister C is not in the lab experimenting or in the studio dropping beats, he loves to connect with other learners online.

Mister C.

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