Local Author Inspires Young Readers with "The Late Bloomer"

last updated 03/10/2024
Local Author Inspires Young Readers with "The Late Bloomer"

"The Late Bloomer" teaches patience through a young walnut tree's journey. Inspired by her own late-blooming tree, M. Woods' book encourages kids to grow at their own pace.

Local Author Inspires Young Readers with "The Late Bloomer"

Daytonian M. Woods celebrates individuality and the beauty of personal growth in her debut children's book, "The Late Bloomer." This heartwarming, rhyming picture book follows a young walnut tree struggling to keep pace with its leafy friends. As the story unfolds, Walnut learns a valuable lesson: growth happens at its own unique pace, and that's perfectly okay.

M. Woods

Woods' inspiration for the book stemmed from a personal connection. "I have a walnut tree in my front yard that is a late bloomer," she explains. "One particular spring I was looking at it and thought, "that's okay, you're just a late bloomer." This simple observation blossomed into a story that empowers children to embrace their own unique journeys.

A lifelong resident of Dayton since the age of five, Woods' is a graduate of CJ, Sinclair, Wright State University (WSU), and the University of Dayton School of Law (UDSL). This well-rounded background prepared her for a diverse career path, but her passion for storytelling ultimately led her back to the creative world.

"The written word has always come naturally to me," said Woods. "The characters came to life on their own as the story unfolded."  Illustrating the book, however, presented a new challenge. Woods persevered, and the resulting artwork vibrantly captures the emotional range of her characters.

"The Late Bloomer" offers a timely message in a world obsessed with instant achievement. 

"We live in a world where there’s this expectation that we’re all going to be prodigies, and that’s fueled by the comparisons we make every day on social media," said Woods.  "Unfortunately, this leads to a feeling that we’re not good enough and that there’s something wrong with us. This can be especially damaging to children, who may be struggling with being the shortest in their class, or taking a bit longer to pick up skills that others pick up easily." 

"We all grow at different rates," says Woods, "and it's okay to grow slow." This message is particularly important for children who may feel discouraged by comparisons to their peers. Woods' story assures young readers that they are not alone and that their unique timing is something to be celebrated.  There’s also a secondary message to be supportive of others. In the book, two older trees comfort Walnut and let it know that it’s okay to be a late bloomer, which helps Walnut as it comes into its own.

"The Late Bloomer" is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at mwoodscreates.com/buy-the-late-bloomer. You can follow Woods on Instagram or join her email list here.

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