Kings Island to add new family-themed area in 2023

last updated 10/20/2022
Kings Island to add new family-themed area in 2023

Kings Island to debut Adventure Port - a new themed area in 2023 with new family rides and more.

Kings Island plans new rides, family-themed area for 2023

Welcome to Adventure Port! Kings Island new family-themed area for 2023

New rides at Kings Island in 2023Kings Island will debut a new family-themed area next season called "Adventure Port".  The amusement park announced Wednesday that the newest themed area, to be located between Coney Mall and Action Zone, will feature two new family rides, enhanced theming for an existing roller-coaster, new dining options and more.

Here's what King's Island has planned for Adventure Port:

"Sol Spin" will have suspended vehicles that take passengers flying 60 feet in the air at 25mph. 

"Cargo Loco" riders will climb board shipping barrels for a dizzying, family-friendly ride.

Existing roller coaster "Adventure Express" will be enhanced for 2023 with additional theming.

"Enrique’s" is a new, quick serve restaurant, featuring traditional burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, salads and sides.

"The Mercado" will offer new dining options, along with shopping and more.


Kings Island Adventure Port to debut in 2023

Kings Island Adventure Port to debut in 2023
Adventure Port: Kings Island to debut new themed area in 2023

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