Small-town writer makes big-screen dreams reality

BY: Michael Woody
last updated 08/26/2023
Small-town writer makes big-screen dreams reality

Small-town Miamisburg native Jacob Stuart talks about upcoming major releases and his journey to becoming a Hollywood screenwriter and producer.

Small-town writer makes big-screen dreams reality

Though raised in Miamisburg, thousands of miles away from Hollywood, Jacob Stuart didn’t let distance interfere with his dreams of making movies. The local filmmaker has been involved in a number of upcoming major releases, fulfilling the vision of seeing his name on the big screen.

A 2006 graduate of Middletown Christian, Stuart attended Dayton Christian for the majority of his schooling. In 2009 he relocated to California to pursue his passion for cinema by earning a Bachelor’s in Film/TV Entertainment Business from The Los Angeles Film School. It was never the high-dollar technical aspects of blockbusters that attracted Stuart, but the heart of authentic storylines. “I’ve always been enamored with tales that shine a light on the nuances of real life and authentic experiences, especially when they are dark. Even today, mainstream studio productions seldom catch my eye. With an intrinsic passion for weaving narratives and a knack for crafting poignant, it was evident that my calling lay in screenwriting. Throughout my school years, I often sought out unique experiences, deliberately diving into unusual situations, all to gather rich stories to recount,” said Stuart. 

Among Stuart’s proudest creations as a screenwriter are, ‘Addicting Picture', available on Amazon Prime Video, shot in Chicago in 2017; and 'Marvin', filmed in New York City in 2021 and now streaming on Tubi TV. “The thrill of seeing my work come to life on the screen, especially with the credit "written by Jacob N. Stuart", is unmatched. My journey with short films has been successful, with many garnering international accolades and being showcased at festivals worldwide. However, the real exhilaration lies in seeing my feature-length scripts take shape on screen,” he said. 

Next on Stuart’s horizon as a screenwriter is a feature script titled ‘Motel Nowhere.’ The project holds a unique place in Stuart’s heart, as it's inspired by a personal chapter of his life, from when residing in a seedy rundown motel in South Pasadena, CA in 2011. The film is scheduled to begin shooting in Australia later this year and be directed by Susan Schmidt. 

Another highlight of Stuart’s young career is serving as the Associate Producer for the film, ‘Control,’ starring 2x Oscar-winner, Kevin Spacey. It’s a very personally rewarding experience for Stuart as many of Spacey’s films rank among his favorites and his career has served as an inspiration for Stuart’s passion for the industry. “Seeing my name alongside his in the credits is truly a special experience,” he said. 

During the filming and post-production of ‘Control’, Spacey was charged with some allegations of sexual assault. He has since been cleared of all charges and with full trust in the judicial system, Stuart has no regrets over being part of Spacey’s first project since the allegations. ‘Control’ is scheduled to be released in December. 

Also to be released in 2024 is ‘Crust,’ in which Stuart served as Executive Producer. The film is being billed as a mix of horror and comedy, starring Sean Whalen from ‘Twister’ and Alan Ruck of ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.’ For ‘Cursed Waters,’ shot last summer aboard a ship in Los Angeles, Stuart also served as Executive Producer.

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