Queen of Hearts - Over $1 million Jackpot at final drawing in Beavercreek

last updated 07/05/2023
Queen of Hearts - Over $1 million Jackpot at final drawing in Beavercreek

The final Queen of Hearts drawing next Monday at Beavercreek bowling alley will see someone win a jackpot of over $1 million.

Queen of Hearts final drawing - $1 million jackpot at Beavercreek bowling alley

UPDATE 7/10: $1M Jackpot up for grabs TONIGHT

Update 8.30pm >> It was a nail-biter, but a winner has been selected!  After 2 unsuccessful drawings, there were only 2 cards remaining.  Here's the moment card number 49 was revealed to be the Queen of Hearts and the reaction of the winning ticket holder!

Winner - Queen of Hearts

Update 4pm >> The final Queen of Hearts drawing at Beaver-Vu-Bowl is set for today Monday, July 10. Tickets are sold out.  A professional speaker system will be used for those outside and unable to enter the building.  The drawing will take place at 8PM and will be live-streamed on Facebook.  Drawings will continue until the Queen of Hearts is found!

$1 million jackpot for final Queen of Hearts drawing in Beavercreek

With 5 cards remaining for the final draw, one lucky winner will hit a jackpot of over $1 million at Beaver-Vu-Bowl on Monday, July 10.  The current game began on July 19, 2022, and according to a Facebook post by Beaver-Vu-Bowl, they will "draw until someone finds where the queen is hiding."

Hundreds showed up at the bowling alley for the last draw on June 26, where the prize stood at $812,000.  The jackpot for the final drawing on July 10th stands at $1,034,737.

Queen of Hearts - final drawing

The crowds on June 26 prompted concerns about overcrowding, which led to discussions with the local fire marshall.  According to a statement issued by the bowling alley, the final draw will see increased monitoring at the venue and a limit to the number of people entering the building. The bowling alley thanked the community for their support and encouraged everyone to buy tickets early.

How does the Queen of Hearts work?

The Queen of Hearts game starts with a full deck of cards laid out on a board. Participants buy raffle tickets and choose a card number. You write your chosen card number, along with your name and phone number on the ticket.  Each week, a ticket is drawn and a new card is turned over.  When a ticket is drawn, the number determines the card to be revealed.  There are several rules for what happens next, but if your ticket is chosen, you may experience a sudden rush of adrenaline.  Keep calm though, you only have 5 minutes to report to the board after your name is announced.

How can you buy tickets for the Queen of Hearts?

Tickets are $1 each and can be purchased during regular business hours in the lounge at Beaver-Vu-Bowl, located at 1238 N Fairfield Rd in Beavercreek. To keep up-to-date with the game, follow the Beaver-Vu-Bowl facebook page or call them at 937-426-6771.

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