On Sale Now: Downtown Dollars, an e-gift card
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On Sale Now: Downtown Dollars, an e-gift card

On Sale Now: Downtown Dollars, an e-gift card

Downtown Dollars are redeemable at more than 50 downtown Dayton businesses.

On Sale Now: Downtown Dollars, an e-gift card

A digital gift card redeemable at more than 50 participating downtown Dayton businesses

This week the Downtown Dayton Partnership launches the sales of a new, e-gift card program called Downtown Dollars, designed to keep local dollars with our downtown businesses. Downtown Dollars is one e-gift card that is redeemable at more than 50 participating businesses in downtown Dayton, including restaurants, pubs, retailers and services. A full list of the businesses and a link to purchase Downtown Dollars is now live at downtowndayton.org/dollars.

Purchase Downtown Dollars for your own everyday purchases, or as a gift for a friend, family member or colleague. Downtown Dollars gives access to the best shopping, dining and entertainment in Downtown Dayton with one card, conveniently stored on a phone or other mobile device. Downtown Dollars directly support the network of small, independent businesses in the heart of Dayton.

“We know our community wants to rally behind our downtown, small businesses, and so we wanted to create a way for them to easily support this network of retailers, restaurants, services and more with one card,” said Sandra K. Gudorf, president of the Downtown Dayton Partnership. “Our small, independent businesses are truly the heart of what makes downtown a great place to live, work and visit, and now with Downtown Dollars one upload of funds can be used at a network of our favorite businesses, and the chance to explore new ones.”

When you purchase Downtown Dollars for yourself, or to give to others as a gift, the e-gift card is delivered via email or text message. Benefits of the Downtown Dollars e-gift cards include:

  • Downtown Dollars are accepted at more than 50 participating merchants in Downtown Dayton.
  • No monthly inactivity fees.
  • Your Downtown Dollars balance is listed directly on the card, and is updated as you use your card.
  • Purchasing cards is fast, personalized and instantaneous – great for last-minute gifts!
  • Funds are immediately available (no need to wait for a physical card to be mailed).
  • Monthly reminders are sent via email and/or text message to help customers remember they have the gift card available for use. If a card is not used after 12 consecutive months a small inactivity fee kicks in.

How to buy Downtown Dollars

Go to the Downtown Dollars webpage to purchase your e-gift card for yourself or to send as a gift. Choose the amount, and it will be delivered by email or text message.

Want to deliver your electronic gift card to the recipient in person? Simply choose “print for hand deliver.”

Customers pay a small e-delivery fee of $1 + 5% of the card’s value, which supports our technology partner and is a small cost in return for having the flexibility to use the gift card at multiple downtown Dayton locations.

How to use your Downtown Dollars

Once you have purchased your e-gift card, or if you have been gifted a Downtown Dollars card, you will receive an email or text message with your Downtown Dollars voucher, which includes your individual voucher ID number.

At participating Downtown Dollars businesses, show use your voucher ID to pay for your goods or services, and an employee will input your voucher ID for that transaction. If you’re making an online purchase, you can use your voucher ID just as you would a credit card number. If you’re making an online purchase and have difficulties with your Downtown Dollars number, you can call the participating businesses to give them your voucher number over the phone.

Once you have used up the amount on your Downtown Dollars, you must order a new e-gift card at downtowndayton.org/dollars. A new Downtown Dollars card and voucher ID number will be emailed or texted to you.

Now in service: Downtown Dollars

Once you buy your Downtown Dollars, you can use them right away! You can still buy gift cards directly from your favorite businesses. Downtown Dollars is just another way to support businesses but with the flexibility to support more than one business with the same e-gift card.

Find inspiration in gifts to buy for friends and family this holiday season, and use your Downtown Dollars, with the virtual catalog Downtown Dayton Holiday Gift Guide. Or find a list of local restaurants and bars in downtown Dayton for carryout, delivery and in-person dining at the OPEN* downtown Dayton webpage.

The Downtown Dayton Partnership will create special bonus offers for Downtown Dollars. Keep in the loop by “liking” the DDP on Facebook (Facebook.com/DowntownDayton), or follow the DDP on Twitter and Instagram (@DowntownDayton) for the latest news. You can also subscribe to the DDP’s email newsletters. Sign up online at DowntownDayton.org/subscribe

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