Crayons to Classrooms

BY: Lauren Rinehart
last updated 08/09/2016
Crayons to Classrooms

Summer is beginning to wind down and it's once again time for back to school shopping. It's also prime time for local non-profit to stock up on school supplies for children in the Dayton area.

Crayons to Classrooms

Crayons To Classrooms

In January of 2009, Crayons to Classrooms' doors opened to teachers from selected, under-funded schools in the greater Dayton area, allowing them to "shop" for much needed supplies for free.  Throughout the year Crayons to Classrooms collects donations in the form of excess surplus from their retail partners, supply drives at local businesses, and individual contributions from people in the Dayton area.  Once collected, they sort the donations and stock their shelves just like you would find at an office supply store.  Teachers from schools where 70% of the students are at or below the poverty line are selected to shop and provide the supplies to the students who need them most.

Crayons to Classrooms needs new supplies continuously throughout the year and they offer a tool kit for groups wanting to start their own school supply drive.  Items needed include all of the basic school supplies such as pencils, glue sticks, rulers, folders, and more (for a full list, click here).  They also accept donations of items that might be useful to teachers, including colorful paper, cardboard, and other types of items.  Check out their Classrooms Solutions program to learn more about how to donate these items.

Volunteers are needed to help teachers check out at the end of their shopping trip, as well as to help stock shelves.  Find out how you can help by checking out Crayons to Classrooms' Volunteer Opportunities.

When you're shopping for back to school supplies for your little ones, check to see if the store has a barrel for donations to Crayons to Classrooms - it's the perfect time of year to donate!

More information:

Crayons to Classroom
1511 Kuntz Rd
Dayton, OH  45404
(937) 528-6400
Website | Facebook | Twitter

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