2nd Street Market now offering drive-thru pickup

last updated 11/11/2020
2nd Street Market now offering drive-thru pickup

2nd Street Market is now offering a pre-order drive-thru pickup option on Saturdays, allowing customers to support market vendors while keeping safe.

2nd Street Market now offering drive-thru pickup

The 2nd Street Market, 600 E. Second St. in downtown Dayton, is now offering a pre-order drive-thru pick up on Saturdays that allows customers to safely and conveniently support their favorite Market vendors. Several vendors will participate, including many artisan vendors who sell items that make unique holiday gifts.

Here’s how it works:

  • Customers must order in advance directly from vendors. Ordering deadlines vary by vendor. No walk-up sales will be offered.
  • Vendor participation will vary week to week. Vendor sales information is at metroparks.org/localfood.
  • In most cases, customers also need to pay in advance. The exceptions are for three cash-only vendors: Garber Farms and Irvin Honey, which are delivering orders at the garage doors by their booths on the north side of the Market, and Cheeky Meat Pies, which is delivering frozen pies at the second door in the drive thru. Advance orders are still required for these three vendors.
  • Customers then pick up their pre-orders using the drive-thru on Saturdays any time between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • The drive-thru is located on the Market’s south side, and the entrance is at the east end of the building.
  • Customers will remain in their vehicles. At the first door, a greeter determines which orders customers are picking up and directs them to the appropriate door for pick up. There, orders are delivered to customers’ vehicles.
  • The drive-thru will take place on Wednesdays rather than Saturdays during the weeks of Thanksgiving (open Wednesday, Nov. 25) and Christmas (open Wednesday, Dec. 23). Pick up hours remain 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Azra’s Mediterranean Cuisine is delivering orders at the garage door located next to the ATM machine ramp at the center of the north side of the Market.
  • Shoppers must wear a face covering while interacting with greeters and those delivering orders to vehicles, as well as when interacting with cash-only vendors.
  • Customers will not have access to the interior of the Market building, including restrooms.
  • The drive-thru pick up will be offered in November and December.

“The 2nd Street Market was able to offer an outdoor market on Saturdays that allowed during the summer and fall growing seasons, which allowed customers to shop safely for their favorite locally grown foods despite the pandemic,” said Lynda Suda, Market manager. “The drive-thru pick up will allow customers to keep supporting those Market vendors during the holiday season.”

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