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Jennifer Osterday

Jennifer Osterday

Jennifer Osterday, food blogger for Relish and Savor, will jump at any chance to snap a photo of her eating and admiring food so she can write about it.


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Flavors with a Californian flare... in Centerville

10/23/2013 - Dayton is full of little dining gems that are easy to miss; Flavors Eatery in Centerville is one of them. - Read More

Coco's Bistro: So Good You Won't Want To Share

10/3/2013 - I think you choose Coco's Bisto because they make food so good your lips curl into a smile and make you look into the eyes of whomever you're eating with and say, ''You NEED to try this. It's so good.'' - Read More

The Best Wings in Dayton

7/15/2013 - Judging by the large crowd at the Fraze Pavilion last Saturday, Dayton peeps love their chicken wings! Personally, I was excited to discover I liked wings from some restaurants I had never even visited before. - Read More

Welcome Lily's Bistro!

5/8/2013 - Located in the historic Oregon District, Lilys Bistro focuses on fresh, fun seasonal food and cocktails, wines and beer that pair perfectly with the menu. - Read More

Shish Wraps - Mediterranean Grille

4/9/2013 - I just went to Shish Wraps last week and a lot of people have been asking me my thoughts on this new Mediterranean Grille quick service restaurant. And I say it's worth visiting. Why? - Read More

De'lish is the perfect gourmet soul food

3/21/2013 - Restaurants seem to come and go in Dayton, but I'm hoping DeLish Cafe in Downtown Dayton is a keeper. - Read More

Linh's Bistro: Get The Pho

2/8/2013 - There were three words I kept hearing when I told friends I was checking out Linh's Bistro: Get the pho. I consider myself an emerging foodie and it was clear I needed to head to Linh's asap to see what I was missing. - Read More

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