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Poelking Bowling
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Poelking Bowling

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We feature (4) modern bowling centers complete with state-of-the-art scoring and bumpers on every lane.

  • Poelking Lanes is proud to be the home of Carroll Patriots and Chaminade-Julienne Eagles Bowling Teams
  • Woodman Lanes is proud to be the home of Fairmont Firebirds Bowling Teams
  • Poelking Lanes South is proud to be the home of Centerville Elks, Miamisburg Vikings and Springboro Panthers Bowling Teams
  • Marian Lanes is proud to be the home of Butler Aviators and Wayne Warriors Bowling Teams

All locations for Poelking Bowling

Poelking Bowling
Wilmington Lanes
1403 Wilmington Ave.
Dayton, OH, 45420

Poelking Bowling
Poelking Lanes South
8871 Kingsridge Dr.
Centerville, 45458

Poelking Bowling
Poelking Woodman Lanes
3200 Woodman Dr.
Kettering, 45420

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