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Goode Prairie Preserve
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Goode Prairie Preserve

10354 Union Church Road
Bradford, OH, 45308

Goode Prairie Preserve has 25 acres of tall prairie grass with a half mile of trail. Enjoy the peaceful countryside by taking a leisurely hike.

Owned by the state of Ohio and managed by the Miami County Park District, this hidden treasure is tucked away in a country setting.  Far from busy roads this preserve is a peaceful and quiet place to visit.  During the months of June and July this peaceful, quiet park boasts a sea of wildflowers in bloom.   Follow the trail past a tall grass prairie to the crest of a south-facing bluff overlooking the Scenic Stillwater River.
This primitive natural setting is home to a wide variety of plant species including: Big & Little Bluestem, Nodding Wild Onion, Partridge Pea, Flowing Spurge, Butterfly Weed, Hoary Puccoon, Wild Bergamot and Gray Headed Coneflower.
You are encouraged to use the pathways provided to broaden your experience and to help protect this unique natural site by obeying the rules of the Preserve.    

Activities include:

  • Hiking
  • Cross country skiing 
  • Nature programs
  • View of Stillwater River
  • Environmental education

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