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Lauren Rinehart

Lauren Rinehart

Girl About Dayton (Lauren Rinehart) is a blog about a girl living, working, eating, and shopping in Dayton, Ohio.

Lauren Rinehart, blogger behind Girl About Dayton, lives, eats, works, and shops around Dayton, Ohio and broadcasts the best of Dayton to her readers.


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10 Thought-Provoking Quotes from TEDxDayton 2018

10/27/2018 - In its 6th year, TEDxDayton once again delivers on its promise of spreading ideas worth sharing. - Read More

The Feast will frighten - just in time for Halloween

10/26/2018 - Something’s going ‘bump’ in the night but is it real? - Read More

Cat Cafe to open in Dayton this Summer

3/24/2017 - Have you ever been in a cafe, sipping on a latte and thought to yourself, “this coffee is nice, but where are the cats?” - Read More

10 of the Best Quotes from TEDxDayton 2016

10/20/2016 - In its fourth year, TEDxDayton has once again delivered an impactful, thought-provoking event full of incredible ideas worth sharing. - Read More

Homefull helps area homeless find permanent housing

9/29/2016 - Homefull’s vision is for homelessness to one day be a thing of the past. Here's how to help Homefull meet the challenging needs of our community. - Read More

Crayons to Classrooms

8/9/2016 - Summer is beginning to wind down and it's once again time for back to school shopping. It's also prime time for local non-profit to stock up on school supplies for children in the Dayton area. - Read More

Making a Difference with the One Dollar Book Swap

4/6/2016 - One Dollar Book Swap makes it easy to read thanks to their low price of $1 per book, but this dynamic business isn't satisfied with simply supplying your summer reading. - Read More

What you don't know about SICSA

1/30/2016 - Living in Dayton, Ohio, you've likely heard of SICSA and all of the great things they do for animals in our area, but if you've ever wanted to learn more about this wonderful organization, read on. - Read More

Shoes Speak Louder Than Words

12/27/2015 - According to Shoes for the Shoeless, around 15,000 children around the Dayton area do not have adequate shoes that are fit to wear this year. - Read More

Polished Girlz: Bringing a Smile to Kids in Treatment

11/11/2015 - Polished Girlz started in Dayton, Ohio, and now has chapters in 17 states as well as Canada. - Read More

Nucleus Co-Share - a Collaborative Workplace for Everyone

9/30/2015 - Nucleus Co-Share is a collaborative workspace for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to do their work-from-home gig around other people for a change. - Read More

Experience the Dead Sea at Gravity Spa

8/31/2015 - Laying for an hour in several gallons of super-salinated water in a sensory deprivation chamber might sound pretty strange but it might be the best escape you've ever had. - Read More

Where to do Afternoon Tea around Dayton

8/8/2015 - Looking for a place to share a pot of tea while catching up with a friend? Look no further than these great places in Dayton! - Read More

Halotherapy at Centerville Salt Room

6/18/2015 - Allergies got you down? Curious what it's like to sit in a salt room? Here's what you need to know about Halotherapy. - Read More

Learn the Joy of Cooking - in Oakwood!

5/29/2015 - Dayton's best kept secret for people wanting to perfect their culinary skills - a basement hideaway hands-on cooking school in residential Oakwood. - Read More

Date Night around Dayton **Gift Card Contest**

5/6/2015 - Now that the weather is warming up, it's time to turn off the Netflix and get out of the house for date night. - Read More

What local Dayton radio stations do you listen to?

4/29/2015 - If you’re looking for truly local radio programming, here are some great local Dayton stations. - Read More

Adopt a Dayton Pet

2/7/2015 - Sharing your home with a dog or cat can bring so much joy, humor, and love to your life. If you are thinking about pet ownership, please check out one of these shelters or rescues today! - Read More

TEDx Dayton 2014 Videos Now Online

2/2/2015 - On Friday, October 17, 2014 approximately 1,100 people filled the Victoria Theatre to hear 25 speakers, performers, and artists with only one rule: To keep an open mind. - Read More

10 Things Your Vegetarian Friends Want You to Know

1/5/2015 - Do you love a good steak, but have vegetarian friends? Your questions... answered! - Read More

Ohio Wine Country

11/15/2014 - When you think of wine country, you probably think of places like California, France, and Italy, but believe it or not Ohio has several wineries - some of which are located just a short drive from Dayton. - Read More

Ancient Native American Sites of South Western Ohio

10/16/2014 - Dayton, Ohio was once home to ancient Native American groups and luckily through preservation efforts, we have the opportunity to explore these sites today. - Read More

A Craft Beer Revolution Is Happening In Dayton!

8/20/2014 - If you're interested in learning more about Dayton breweries, here is a guide to several local craft brewers. - Read More

What's the Big Deal with Gluten-Free?

8/5/2014 - More people than ever before are avoiding gluten so you may have wondered if you should, too. Here are the basics to catch you up to speed. - Read More

10 Tips to Get the Most from Dayton Area Farmers Markets

7/8/2014 - Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you're getting the most from these markets while side-stepping the occasional issues with buying local. - Read More

Dayton Music Fest Kicks Off their 10th Anniversary with a Concert featuring Buffalo Killers and a Church Choir

4/18/2014 - For 10 years, Dayton Music Fest have been putting together one incredible night of music every autumn. This year they're hosting a special concert several months early. - Read More

5 Amazing Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Dayton

11/16/2013 - What restaurants offer more than just meat dishes sans meat? Where can you find amazing vegetarian friendly food around Dayton? - Read More

Cedarland Lebanese Bakery & Restaurant

10/29/2013 - Having never had Lebanese food, I was excited to join Lisa of Dayton Local for lunch at Cedarland Bakery & Restaurant to finally try some Lebanese cuisine. - Read More

Creative Pizzas and Gluten Free Options at Wheat Penny Oven and Bar

9/3/2013 - If you're beyond bored with traditional pizza, you will absolutely love Wheat Penny Oven & Bar. - Read More

Welcome Toxic Brew Company!

7/5/2013 - Dayton is home to plenty of microbrew fans and now that Toxic Brew Company is up and running it's even easier to access locally made beer. - Read More


6/12/2013 - It's hard to believe that any restaurant would be able to match the apparent class and sophistication of the former Sidebar restaurant, but Salar has risen to the challenge. - Read More

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

5/1/2013 - Shopping for Mother's Day can be challenging but living in Dayton there are lots of great options to help you find the perfect gift this year. - Read More

Experience The Dublin Pub

3/13/2013 - With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, you might be considering which Irish restaurant to visit in the Dayton area to help get into the spirit. Dublin Pub offers a wonderful Irish ambiance paired with an ample selection of Irish beers and whiskeys along with a full menu of delicious food. - Read More

fresh. local. Olive, an urban dive

1/26/2013 - When you love the city you live in, buying local feels great because you're essentially strengthening the community. Olive, an Urban Dive feels the same way and has been offering fresh, locally sourced food since July 2011. - Read More

Brunch in the Oregon District

1/19/2013 - Everyone knows you can visit the Oregon District any Friday night to catch bands, listen to comedians, and drink a few beers, but have you ever gone back to 5th Street on Saturday morning for brunch? - Read More

5 things you should know about The Pine Club

12/12/2012 - The Pine Club is one of Dayton's greatest treasures, harkening back to a very different time. - Read More

Antojitos Criollos

11/27/2012 - If you've been paying attention to the news lately, you know that Puerto Ricans are more interested than ever before in being added as the 51st state of the union. In an effort to be better acquainted with our potential soon-to-be fellow citizens, I sought out a Puerto Rican restaurant in Dayton - because is there any better way to get to know a culture than to eat their food, right? - Read More

Roost Modern Italian

11/8/2012 - Italy is a dynamic place with constantly evolving tastes. The best place in Dayton to find truly modern Italian food is Roost Modern Italian in the Oregon District. - Read More

Chappy’s Taproom and Grill

10/12/2012 - If you're looking for a more adventurous beer tasting experience in a restaurant setting with great food, and great entertainment, check out Chappy's Tap Room and Grille in Moraine! - Read More

The Trolley Stop

10/4/2012 - When you make the choice to eat a healthier diet, it can be hard to find bars that can accommodate your requests. Trolley Stop in the Oregon District actually have some pretty healthy stuff on their menu. The beer selection is amazing - and I can't think of a better way to bid farewell to warm weather than a drink or two on the Trolley Stop patio. - Read More

54th Annual Tipp City Mum Festival

9/23/2012 - Every year for 54 years, Tipp City hosts a festival honoring the beautiful chrysanthemum. This year, Tipp City is honoring the festival's mid-century roots with the theme Vintage Mums…Long Live the 50s. - Read More

Sushi - Your Way

9/15/2012 - As much as I appreciate the fine art of sushi making, I've always wanted to have more control over what goes in the roll. Often a sushi roll will sound appetizing until maybe the last ingredient, and then I'll have to pick something else entirely rather than modify the contents. Located near the University of Dayton, Fusian rewrites the rules regarding sushi.. - Read More

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