Deweese Ridgecrest Civic Association - Dayton

Deweese Ridgecrest Civic Association
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Deweese Ridgecrest Civic Association

Dayton, OH, 45414

DeWeese-Ridgecrest is a nature preserve located along the banks of the Stillwater River. The only neighborhood in Dayton almost completely surrounded by parks and 5 minutes from downtown Dayton.

The neighborhood is a picturesque showcase reflecting the care that its residents have shown in preserving the character and attractiveness of its green space. From the turn of the century to the present, people from all walks of life have been attracted to the neighborhood with its wide variety of homes, wooded lots, and recreational facilities. As we move toward the future we’re even more aware of the importance of preserving our unique neighborhood while realizing the importance of keeping pace with progress. 

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