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D.B. Buckner

D.B. Buckner

D.B. Buckner is a Dayton Local Contributor.

D.B. Buckner cut his teeth on the vibrant Atlanta music landscape and is a fifteen year veteran of the Southern Ohio music scene. Much of his youth was wasted banging his head in front of stacks of Marshall amps. Sure, he killed a lot of brain cells and his hearing is probably irreparably damaged, but he rocked hard and isn't that really all that matters? He has an eclectic music palette that includes Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, Rap and Americana. He now brings his experience and love of music to the masses.  You can contact him on Twitter @cavemangamer.


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Virtual Reality So Real, You Won’t Believe It

9/19/2016 - Descend into the depths of the ocean to watch marine life, or arm yourself and battle bloodthirsty zombies. Scene75's VR will satisfy anyone from the curious novice to the hardcore gamer. - Read More

12 Concerts Worth The Drive

3/6/2016 - Take advantage of one of the perks of living in Dayton and explore some of the entertainment our sister cities have to offer. - Read More

Throw out your preconceived notions and Get the Led Out, Dayton!

6/22/2015 - I am going to tell you something and you are going to scoff at it, because your past experience doesn't match up with what I am about to say. - Read More

Who has the best chicken wings in Dayton?

7/13/2014 - Some kids grow up wanting to be firemen or doctors or superheroes. All I ever wanted to be was a judge in a Buffalo wing contest - and this weekend at the Kickin’ Chicken Wing Fest at Fraze Pavilion I was able to do just that. - Read More

Don't Call It A Hamburger

7/10/2014 - Chef Aaron Hanover of the Mohawk Freestyle Grill Food Truck hand crafts one of the best burgers in the Miami Valley. - Read More

Have you tried the Dayton Dog?

3/18/2014 - Hey Dayton, did you know you have a hotdog named after you and IT… IS… INCREDIBLE!  - Read More

REVIEW - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

11/23/2013 - The Hunger Games is one of those rare gems of modern science fiction and fantasy with a fully fleshed out, living, breathing universe that seems as real as the one we are living in. - Read More

Over The Rhine at the Victoria Theatre

9/30/2013 - Cincinnati based band Over the Rhine is returning to the Victoria Theatre Saturday, October 5th, the only Dayton stop on their Meet Me at the Edge of the World tour. - Read More

Mumford & Sons Gentlemen of the Road Stopover

9/2/2013 - Sometimes a concert becomes more than an entertainment event. For those of us who attended the Gentlemen of the Road Stopover in Troy, we will take away from this weekend a memory that will last a lifetime. - Read More

2013 Gentlemen of the Road Music Festival

8/30/2013 - Join us Labor Day weekend - Troy Memorial Stadium - Friday August 30 - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - and Saturday August 31st, 2013 - Mumford & Sons. - Read More

Final 2013 Springboro Concert in the Park: The Rusty Griswolds

8/3/2013 - This Tuesday is the last concert of the 2013 Springboro Concert in the Park Series. It is going to be a totally awesome '80s music party so put on your gnarly parachute pants and Thriller jacket and come join the fun. It's the Rusty Griswolds! - Read More

Fressa Food Truck Gourmet Burgers

8/1/2013 - Taking the first bite of a Fressa Food Truck gourmet burger is a bit like grabbing an angry badger by the tail. This burger doesn't want to be tamed. It is going to bite, scratch and claw any attempt to define it as nothing more than a burger. - Read More

The Lost Dogs In Concert at Joe's Java

7/25/2013 - The modern day equivalent of great American singer/songwriter supergroups like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Highwaymen and The Traveling Wilburys - The Lost Dogs will be performing Sunday, July 28th at Joe's Java in Wilmington, Ohio. - Read More

The Mad Concoctions at Zombie Dogz

7/22/2013 - The food truck craze struck the West coast like a sharkicane (coming soon to the SyFy network I am sure). One of the most popular in Dayton is Zombie Dogz. - Read More

Sister Hazel Returns To The Greene

7/22/2013 - You may not know you want to go to this FREE concert at The Greene this Thursday night, but nearly a million Twitter followers say you probably do... The party kicks off at 6:00 p.m. - Read More

Iconic ‘80s Rocker John Waite Performs at The Fraze Pavilion

7/20/2013 - Fraze Pavilion in Kettering, Ohio. Tickets were only $5.00 as part of their Friday night concert series (What? That is crazy talk! Crazy talk I tell ya!). John Waite didn't disappoint. - Read More

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