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Dayton Children's Hospital

Dayton Children's Hospital

Our primary mission is to provide quality health care for children from infancy through adolescence. We strive to be a health care resource for all children of our region regardless of socioeconomic status.


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    Dayton Children's Hospital
    One Childrens Plaza
    Dayton, OH 45404
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Dayton Children’s Hospital New Patient Tower

6/14/2017: Dayton Ohio - Dayton Children’s Hospital hosted a public open house and tour of the new tower Sunday June 11, nearly 3 years after breaking ground on the project. - Read More

Dayton Children’s reveals fun new logo, inspired by Wright Bros.

3/30/2016: Dayton Ohio - Dayton Children's is transforming its brand from the inside out, starting with a new logo. Introducing "The Whirligig"! - Read More

Five ways to protect your child from these numbing temperatures

2/17/2015: Dayton Ohio - Snow is tempting but these temperatures are nothing to play with. Stacy Porter from Dayton Children's gives some helpful advice to Dayton area parents. - Read More

Green Cleaning

2/4/2014: Dayton Ohio - When you have a child with asthma or allergies, spring can trigger more than the start of summer. Remember, you also need to be aware of how cleaning itself can be a trigger. - Read More

The Death of Politeness?

1/26/2014: Dayton Ohio - As a parent, our children are considered a reflection of us when they are outside of our home. Teaching manners, respect and politeness helps our children to succeed. - Read More

The Secret To Knowing How Tall Your Child Will Be

1/10/2014: Dayton Ohio - Wondering your child’s growth potential? Here is a good way to estimate this based on mom and dad’s adult height. - Read More

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