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Bellbrook Chocolate Shoppe
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Bellbrook Chocolate Shoppe

101 E. Alex-Bell Rd.
Centerville, OH, 45459

Cross Pointe Centre, Centerville, OH - Family business established in 1984. All of our chocolate treats are handmade and packed with a personal touch.

The quality of our product is guaranteed to be consistently the best so that a gift of Bellbrook Chocolates is the perfect one for any occasion.

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Bellbrook Chocolates Satisfies All Chocolate Lovers

Bellbrook Chocolates Satisfies All Chocolate Lovers

10/26/2012: Dayton, OH - When Betty Blose first began selling chocolate out of her home in 1983, she wanted an outlet for her artistry and creativity, but had no business experience. Nearly thirty years later, Blose looks back on her very successful business, as well as the family that made it all possible.

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