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Tristan Navera

Tristan Navera

Tristan Navera is a freelance writer from Dayton, Ohio, and foodie behind Another Food Critic, a blog dedicated to providing comprehensive, insightful and honest restaurant reviews.


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5 Running Tips for Beginners

4/3/2015 - Spring is in the air! Now is the time to – finally – make your way outside from the cooped-up winter season. - Read More

Seven Delicious Restaurant Week Specials

1/19/2015 - Tired of the cold? This week you’ll have a chance to warm up to a few new dishes in town, courtesy of Miami Valley Restaurant Association’s annual Restaurant Week. - Read More

Gourmet Burgers and Fancy Dogs Fest With The Menus

5/27/2014 - New festival for 2014! New gourmet hamburger and fancy hot dog festival during Bocce Classic XX 2014 at Bella Villa Hall in Kettering. - Read More

Arepas Opens in Kettering

3/14/2014 - If you’ve been to Second Street Market, you were already excited by the title, weren’t you? - Read More

Root 48 Opens in Centerville

2/13/2014 - Chef Keith Taylor is opening his new Root 48 at 79 South Main St. in Centerville but the name should sound familiar – it’s the third concept in a year, after some quirky happenings have forced changes. - Read More

Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

12/7/2013 - It's a site as distinct to holiday shoppers as the Christmas Tree itself; a U.S. Marine in full dress uniform silently guarding a pile of toys beneath a large red train logo: Toys for Tots. - Read More

Arts and culture are the key ingredients

11/18/2013 - Hundreds packed out downtown's historic Victoria Theatre last Friday for the inaugural TEDxDayton - and the message was clear: Dayton needs its culture to survive. - Read More

Paint. Drink. Have Fun.

8/15/2013 - A new shop opens today at the Dayton Mall, and it's the kind of place you'll want to bring a paintbrush - and a bottle of wine. - Read More

Take a Detour: Summer Fun in Tipp!

8/7/2013 - Tipp City is one of those places where everything seems to come together just right - and despite the construction, there's a lot of fun planned in the city this summer! - Read More

Exciting Races in August!

7/3/2013 - I know a lot of people who have committed to doing a certain amount of 5Ks this year, or maybe they want to do their first half marathon, or maybe they want to run the first race of their lives. To them I say, now is the time to get on it! - Read More

Lock 27 Opens in Centerville

6/25/2013 - Dayton's newest brew spot has never been just about the beer. That's the word from Steve Barnhart of Lock 27 Brewing Company, which opened last Friday at 1035 South Main Street in Centerville. - Read More

Have you done any running lately?

6/3/2013 - Have you done any running lately? June is the perfect month for it. Normally I'd point you to a number of events going on around town, but there are literally hundreds, so instead I'll point out some of my personal favorites. - Read More

Which Burger is Better, the 'Meadow' or the 'Lark'?

5/20/2013 - Meadowlark Restaurant is well-known for its standard of taking conventional dishes and doing something completely different with them. Even the burgers are different! - Read More

Local Runs/Walks - May 2013

5/3/2013 - It's finally warming up in Dayton, and the warmer temperatures bring a flurry of runners outside. Check out this list of races happening around town this year. Whether you want to get healthier, want to benefit a good cause or just like working out, consider one of them! - Read More

The Pub's Recipe For Success

4/29/2013 - The Pub at The Greene is one of the most popular places in town. Have you ever dropped by? If so, you know it's no ordinary dive bar. Recently, they updated their menu to include some new offerings. - Read More

Burgers, Beer, Baseball: Brixx

4/8/2013 - As the weather warms up and the Dragons come out of their slumber, the rumblings from Fifth Third Field will be a regular sound here in Dayton. Getting a burger and a drink after the game has to be one of my summer favorites. - Read More

What you may not know about the Community Blood Center

3/24/2013 - Founded in 1964, the Community Blood Center is a hive of activity focused on a single mission: keep area hospitals stocked. But while donating blood might be the first way one would think to help, there are many others. - Read More

EXTENDED: Miami Valley Takes Flight!

3/16/2013 - From the group that brought you Miami Valley Restaurant Week, a new event is planned next week to showcase local restaurants and spirits combined. Miami Valley Takes Flight will begin March 10 through 16. Now EXTENDED thru March 22! - Read More

Muse Machine: Connecting Students & The Arts

2/24/2013 - For many Dayton students, exposure to the arts during middle school and high school years is hard to come by. Tickets can be expensive, and show times can be hard to catch on a busy schedule. In Dayton, though, we have a popular organization to thank for many of these experiences: Muse Machine. - Read More

See the Future of the Auto Industry at the Dayton Auto Show

2/15/2013 - Cars from dozens of brands will congregate at the Dayton Convention Center February 21 through 24 . The auto show will be chance to see cars of all kinds - whether you're a diehard enthusiast or you're on the market for a new set of wheels. - Read More

Refined Cuisine: Serendipity Bistro

2/12/2013 - Another of the many new restaurants opening up downtown, Serendipity Bistro has the right mix of things that would make it right for all occasions. It's real, refined cuisine and absolutely nothing about it tastes canned or conventional. - Read More

Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association

2/10/2013 - The diagnosis of Down Syndrome may put a name on a debilitating condition, but for parents it is only the first step in a lifelong journey of caring for their child. - Read More

Flyboy's brings a little taste of New York cuisine to Dayton

1/29/2013 - Taking a stroll through historic Oakwood is always pleasant, whether you need groceries, new clothes, or even a rug. New restaurant Flyboy's Deli opened Friday as the newest business on the block, and it's definitely worth a stroll. - Read More

A Cold and Creamy Recipe for Success

1/25/2013 - A new frozen yogurt chain has come to Dayton, and at its first location, customer loyalty is key. - Read More

The Dayton International Peace Museum

1/16/2013 - You hear about it from time to time in this city, but it’s not somewhere you’d think to go unless you were entertaining company from out of town. There are 400 museums in this country devoted to war, but only one devoted to peace - and it's right here in Dayton. - Read More

Take Steps Toward A Healthier You

1/14/2013 - Already stumped with that New Year's Resolution to be more active? Wright State University and the Miami Valley Hospital are bringing back a popular program to help Dayton residents get out of that funk - one step at a time. - Read More

New Restaurants Surging Into Downtown

1/9/2013 - There are hundreds of restaurants around Dayton; there’s always another eatery just around the corner. Lately, though, I’ve seen so much more of something I did not expect: new restaurants surging into the downtown area. - Read More

Linda Vista: Serving Homeless Women and Children in Dayton

12/23/2012 - It's said that homelessness and poverty are a vicious cycle. That generations of poverty become successively harder to break. - Read More

The Door Is Open: One Bistro

12/21/2012 - When Robert D. Adamson passes by a vacant building, he doesn't see an eyesore. He sees a vision to feed the homeless and underprivledged of Dayton. - Read More

Check Your Closet for Clothes That Work

12/20/2012 - Is there an old suit or dress in your closet that hasn't seen the light of day in years? For someone in Dayton, it could be the key to a new job. Clothes that Work is a local non-profit organization dedicated to giving struggling Dayton residents the keys they need to succeed in job interviews. - Read More

CHOICES Inc.: Making Sure No Kids Are Forgotten

12/16/2012 - As many of us take this season to remember and celebrate the love of our families, it's a way to appreciate all of the things that we have and take for granted. Such a season can be hard for kids in the foster care system as they try to adjust to new lives and new families. - Read More

Culture Works

12/9/2012 - From local plays to ballet and music, it continues to wow me just how many arts programs are active around Dayton. Says Martine Collier, President and CEO of Culture Works, her non-profit organization is here to help both performer and audience member in the quest to make Dayton arts great. - Read More

When Dreams Can Come True

11/25/2012 - For over 30 years, children fighting life-threatening illness in Ohio and beyond have seen their dreams come true thanks to the kindness of strangers, and A Special Wish Foundation. - Read More

McAfee Foundation - Caring for the Next Generation

11/20/2012 - For children growing up with asthma or other respiratory illness, the danger of an attack could come at any moment. For families without the means to cover the cost of their care, this means an ever-present worry of when the next emergency could come. One local entrepreneur’s passion is to see those fears alleviated. - Read More

How You Can Help Families in Need with Hannah’s Treasure Chest

11/18/2012 - What began as a mother giving away extra children's items out of the trunk of her car has transformed into a massive Dayton operation, gifting hundreds of thousands of items to area families who are in need - but the need is greater than ever this holiday season. - Read More

Food for Friends Drive Kicks Off Nov 14

11/11/2012 - Between the food drives, the holiday charities and the bell ringers guarding red cans outside the local grocery store, it's hard not to see charity at work in Dayton around the holidays. But well over 100,000 people in this area are suffering from hunger year-round. For them, the kindness of strangers provides a security unmatched. - Read More

Made in Dayton: Jaxon Mush

11/5/2012 - Mush: It's a country favorite dish, often served pan-fried and drenched in maple syrup. Once a staple in the corn belt, it remains a cuisine consumed all over the world. But for almost 100 years, the major distributor of mush has been right here in Dayton. - Read More

Breaking The Cycle with Good Shepherd Ministries

11/4/2012 - For many criminals coming out of prison, it’s hard to get back on their feet. It’s harder still for their families and children to lead a normal life. But for the efforts of one area charity, many of Dayton’s formerly-incarcerated are getting a better shot at a new and productive life. - Read More

Breast Cancer has a New Face: Pink Ribbon Girls

10/28/2012 - This year alone, the American Cancer Society estimates 226,870 new cases will be diagnosed in women, and 2,190 new cases will be diagnosed in men. For many of them, it is a very scary, uncertain time. But for Heather Salzar, one of an estimated 2.9 million breast cancer survivors alive today, overcoming the disease was only the beginning. - Read More

Beavercreek Gem: Wellington Grille

10/27/2012 - Cruising for good cuisine in east Dayton can be hard for the uninitiated; with so many small family establishments hiding along the side roads and neighborhoods waiting to be discovered, it’s hard to know where to begin. But when you find one that really shines, you don’t forget it. - Read More

Bellbrook Chocolates Satisfies All Chocolate Lovers

10/26/2012 - When Betty Blose first began selling chocolate out of her home in 1983, she wanted an outlet for her artistry and creativity, but had no business experience. Nearly thirty years later, Blose looks back on her very successful business, as well as the family that made it all possible. - Read More

Asian Arts Center Gives Back

10/25/2012 - Since it was founded in 2000, the Asian Arts Center has had an unusual philosophy – build a sound body and mind, and use them to give back. In fact, the Asian Arts Center ensures this culture of giving back is perpetuated through its instructors – many of whom are former students. - Read More

No One Deserves To Go Hungry

10/21/2012 - From its founding, House of Bread in Dayton had a simple mantra: No one deserves to go hungry. Over 28 years after its mission began, the Dayton nonprofit now serves about 250 meals a day – 8,000 a month – to underprivileged locals downtown. - Read More

Second Helping of Cupcake Wars

10/20/2012 - Only a few months after an appearance on Cupcake Wars kick-started their bake shop's rise to prominence, Brittany and Tina Moore will be returning for another competition. - Read More

Breast Cancer Foundation

10/14/2012 - The continuing fight against breast cancer has inspired one group of local doctors and residents to try and get the word out about breast exams and preventative care. Said James Hamilton, president of the Breast Cancer Foundation, letting people know about the simple things to detecting cancer are more important than ever this Breast Cancer Awareness Month. - Read More

Piada Italian Street Food

10/12/2012 - As Piada Italian Street Food prepared to open its doors today, a legion of fans lined up out the door and around the corner to see the Columbus chain in its Dayton debut. - Read More

Invaluable Dayton Resource for Victims of Domestic Violence

10/7/2012 - Since 1985, the Artemis Center has been an invaluable resource for Dayton residents who are victims of domestic violence. As a support center and advocate for those who have nowhere else to turn, the center sees a staggering 5,000 people a year. - Read More

The River Run Project Update

10/5/2012 - As the funding campaign for a new phase of downtown development nears completion, Dayton officials are excited to be close to starting a new attraction in downtown Dayton. - Read More

Escape To The Tropics

10/4/2012 - The Tropics opened yesterday at 580 Lincoln Park Blvd. in Kettering. As Dayton's newest nightspot celebrated its opening day, locals flocked out in droves to sample the classy new neighborhood cuisine of experienced Dayton restaurateurs. - Read More

Experience Slacklining at The Midwest Outdoor Experience

10/3/2012 - As Daytonians come out in droves to see and try a myriad of new outdoor activities, they'll also get a chance to see world-class competition in one of the more unusual pastimes. - Read More

The Ohio Renaissance Festival

10/2/2012 - The Ohio Renaissance Festival may be a tribute to Elizabethan era England, but organizers say the food festivalgoers may try in the 16th century replica village has roots firmly planted locally. - Read More

Plans for Full Scale Space Shuttle Exhibit Advance

9/12/2012 - With the arrival of the Space Shuttle Trainer at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, the museum will open a whole new world to local kids. The trainer and its exhibits will provide visitors of all ages the opportunity to see what the flight deck and mid-deck sections of the space shuttle orbiter look like and to learn what it is like to launch and live in space. - Read More

Grilling out DLM Style

8/28/2012 - As Dayton prepares for Labor Day weekend celebrations, it is bidding goodbye to one of the hottest summers on record. But, says Dorothy Lane Market corporate chef Carrie Walters, the heat hasn’t affected the options for delicious grilling over the weekend... - Read More

All In Good Taste!

8/21/2012 - Every summer, the local chamber of commerce gives the chance to sample some of the best of Dayton's cuisine, and this year, it promises to be bigger than ever. Known simply as The Taste, this year's iteration August 30 will bring in the most it has seen in its 25 years. - Read More

awesome YOGURT!

8/13/2012 - Kettering’s newest Frozen Yogurt Place is hoping to reel in locals with some creative deals as it celebrates its grand opening next week. Naomi Fogel, a stay-at-home mom turned owner of Awesome Yogurt, said the new shop at the intersection of Far Hills and Dorothy Lane will have its ribbon cutting ceremony next week. - Read More

Marion’s Piazza Celebrates 47 Years

8/6/2012 - Marion’s Piazza, opened in 1965 has a custom Italian pizza concept with a thin crust – which it terms “Dayton Style Pizza” on its website. Today it is the go-to pizza place for many Daytonians, and an iconic symbol of the region. Look for 47% off pizza coupons this week in the Dayton Daily News and Reach Magazine. - Read More

The Fraze is Pulling Out All The Corks

8/2/2012 - Even the most seasoned wine connoisseur has to agree that opening that menu of whites and reds for the first time was an intimidating experience. Wine activities conjure up thoughts of highbrow tastings and top-notch eateries. Fortunately, Dayton officials have the perfect idea to make the fair spirit less daunting. - Read More

Another Food Critic’s Places To Eat

7/19/2012 - With hundreds of restaurants in the Dayton area, it can be hard to find which places are the best. Yet, with new concepts constantly opening, the local cuisine can always surprise you. Whether you think you’ve tried it all, or you’re just bored with your regular go-to place, here are a few dives in Dayton you can’t miss. - Read More

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