Axogen Tissue Processing Supervisor (2nd Shift)

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Axogen Tissue Processing Supervisor (2nd Shift)

Axogen Tissue Processing Supervisor (2nd Shift)

The Tissue Processing Supervisor is responsible for keeping staffing and other resources at proper levels and ensuring the priorities of the day are communicated to Processing Technicians.

Axogen Tissue Processing Supervisor (2nd Shift)

Job Summary of the Tissue Processing Supervisor - 2nd Shift

The Tissue Processing Supervisor is responsible for keeping staffing and other resources (e.g. supplies and processing equipment) at proper levels and ensuring the priorities of the day are communicated to Lead Processing Technicians across all shifts and above to management and engineering support. He/She will be actively involved the Dayton Processing Center’s personnel, resource, and production planning (i.e. meetings, support and weekly planning); will be responsible for new hire orientation, onboarding and training; will provide additional tier of support between Leads and Processing Technicians; provide additional support to all staff for resolving conflict/issues/concerns; maintain and exemplify an atmosphere of professionalism, respect, and business conscientiousness throughout the facility; and be the leading advocate, information source, and facilitator for special projects and initiatives endorsed and assigned by the Tissue Processing Manager and Axogen Corporation as a whole. In many ways, the Tissue Processing Supervisor’s job responsibilities will overlap, to an extent, with those of individual shift Lead Technicians. Additional differences may include daily priority setting, resource allocation, processing planning, and personnel readiness/training management. In the absence of the Tissue Processing Manager, he/she will be the acting manager.

Requirements of the Tissue Processing Supervisor - 2nd Shift

  • Bachelor’s degree plus a minimum of 5 years of manufacturing or processing supervisory experience in a regulated industry.
  • Must have attention to detail.
  • Must have good problem-solving skills.
  • Must have proficient computer skills, i.e. Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Continuous improvement/Lean/Six Sigma experience a plus.

Responsibilities of the Tissue Processing Supervisor - 2nd Shift

The specific duties of the Tissue Processing Supervisor - 2nd Shift include but are not limited to:

  • Provides active involvement in processing planning, shift assignments and weekly meetings.
  • Tissue Processing Supervisor will follow and assist with implementation of all endorsed directives, policies, initiatives, and procedures established and noted by every tier beginning at the corporate level within Axogen and extending to FDA and AATB regulations.
  • Relays all new or revised policies, procedures and processes to all shift Leads and Processing Technicians in a timely manner to ensure they have the most up-to-date and current information regarding operation/policy/procedural changes.
  • Tissue Processing Supervisor will facilitate team operations via the sharing and application of information and practical skills; identification of team issues and viable resolutions.
  • Resolves problems, issues and concerns at the lowest level possible by establishing an effective communication exchange between him/herself and all Processing Technicians at every tier. This should occur initially when problems arise, no in concurrence or thereafter.
  • Ensures appropriate coverage of work activities and processing schedule is sustained across all shift with consideration for breaks, lunches, absences, events, over-time participation etc. This includes accountability for site responsibilities and priorities during his/her own absences
    or the absence of shift Lead Processing Technicians.
  • Coordinates individual technician placement to ensure proper coverage in accordance with the needs of the processing center. The Lead Processing Technician will coordinate the weekly site schedule with/through the Tissue Processing Supervisor. The Tissue Processing Supervisor is responsible organizing and arranging personnel priorities.
  • Identifies, assigns, and follows-up on work activities of temporary/contractual employees to ensure they are performing duties in accordance with established policies and procedures. (i.e. safety and quality), with respect to expectations, and consideration for constraints/restraints.
  • Identifies practices that are/are not working, make recommendations to Lead Processing Technicians and Manufacturing Engineers to sustain/correct and provide assistance and leadership to resolve the matter(s).
  • Assesses individual and team training and develop a plan of action to eliminate gaps, discrepancies, and past due training.
  • Functions as a Lead Processing Technician and/or Processing Tech II when necessary and carry out the duties and responsibilities needed within the processing center.
  • Ensures processing teams are knowledgeable about new, revised, and old policies and procedures and the team’s role(s) n the completion, adherence, and execution of these policies and procedures.
  • Serves as a resource and content expert to processing staff and ancillary support staff of AxoGen, providing the team with guidance and answering questions to clarify work activities and/or providing action and resources towards a resolution. This includes both operational and administrative issues (on-boarding, cultural and behavioral expectations, disciplinary action, ect.)
  • Filters valuable, all-encompassing suggestions up and across, the processing center.
  • Fosters/facilitates positive relationships between team members, ancillary staff within the processing center and CBC/CTS facility, either on-site or remotely involved, for the sake of productivity, efficiency and progress.
  • Ensures each shift Leader and team member is engaged and feels that their work is valued, appreciated, and meaningful to the success of the Dayton Processing Center and AxoGen as a whole.
  • Must be able to cover call schedule, to include holidays, as assigned