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Great Escape Game
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Great Escape Game

2332 Grange Hall Rd.
Beavercreek, OH, 45431

Dayton's best escape room is now open in Beavercreek! You and up to 7 friends have one hour to solve the clues and puzzles in our rooms to escape!


6 Rooms Will Test Your Escape Skills:

  • Bank Vault: Crack the safe and escape!
  • Tomb: Find the treasure and escape!
  • Area D: Take control of terrorists!
  • Outbreak: Find the cure and survive!
  • Prison Break: The evidence will set you free!
  • Western Saloon: Protect desert ridge from the greedy prospector!


Upcoming Events: Great Escape Game

#1 in Dayton — Great Escape Game!

#1 in Dayton — Great Escape Game!


You have one hour to find and solve clues and puzzles in our rooms to escape! CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE!

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