16 Indigo Tie-Dye Drum Birthing Day Retreat

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Dayton Ohio - 16 Indigo Tie-Dye Drum Birthing Day Retreat

16 Indigo Tie-Dye Drum Birthing Day Retreat
Past Event - Saturday, January 15, 2022
This page may be updated if the event is repeated
Temple of the Rebel Goddess
400 Linden Ave, (Suite 245) Dayton, OH 45403 [map it]

In this 9-hour workshop (10 hr day including a 1hr meal break), we will make our own 16” elk and maple frame drum with mallet.

16 Indigo Tie-Dye Drum Birthing Day Retreat

In this 9-hour workshop (10 hr day including a 1hr meal break), we will make our own 16” elk and maple frame drum with mallet. This event will also include circle work, ceremony building, meditation, breathwork, pathwork, drum playing, and more. We will learn, share, and co-create sacred instruments together. We will give thanks to the elk and maple, acknowledging the lives they lived, and for sharing themselves with us. You will dye the hide, punch holes, decorate the frame, and lace the drum, all while sharing in the wisdom of community, together.

The creation of the drum is a ceremony in itself, an active prayer of the body and mind. As we birth our own drum, may we remember that the heart drum of our ancestors -- of our global ancestors -- and recognise it as the same one that is beating inside us today.

Options for color of finished drum vary from light sky blue, to bright blue, to dark navy blue and even black. You are in creative control about the design and saturation of color on your drum. We will show you several designs (spiral, accordion, ombre, and sunburst) for you to choose from. You will fold, tie, and dip-dye your hide with the magick of the Indigo plant.

Indigo is a color that signifies dignified power, integrity and sincerity. The color supports peace, communication and meditation. The blue hue of indigo can be connected to the throat and third eye chakras, representing spiritual wisdom and intuition. This rich blue color rarely occurs in nature and intrigues the eyes. It was known to many ancient civilizations around the world, with the oldest known fabric dyed in indigo dating back to 6,000 years ago from Peru. We will experience the ancestral wisdom of this color and the specific dye process needed.


Investment: $333

Chair seating is available. Includes 1 hour break for lunch. Bring your own meal (refrigerator, microwave, and toaster are available), visit local eateries, or get something delivered.

Space is limited. You do not have to identify as a woman (or Goddess) to attend.

If cost is prohibitive for you to attend, we accept two installments ($166.50 each, paid in full prior to the retreat). First payment is considered a deposit and is non-refundable. Partial scholarships are available for the BIPOC community and may be available (by request) for all others.

*You will receive an email prior to the event which prepares you further so you know what to bring with you.


We acknowledge we are offering this gathering on the ancestral land of the Adena, Hopewell, Shawnee, Osage, and Miami peoples. We are obliged to recognize the roots of this land and to share the truth of its origin, being passed down through generations of Native people until they were forcibly removed by white settlers, people whom we (Sarah and Sam) share history & ancestry.

While the majority of our supplies are ethically sourced through the Native community, this workshop is not intended to appropriate Native or Indigenous culture. While drum making is an Indigenous art, we are focused on celebrating the drum as a divine tool of the Goddess throughout all civilizations as the drum can be traced back for millenia in civilizations across the Earth.

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  • Event Venue:

    Temple of the Rebel Goddess
    400 Linden Ave
    Dayton, OH 45403
    [Get Map]
    Call: 6093141712
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