Bikes & Brews: Warped Wing & Huffy Collaborate

BY: Lisa Seibert
last updated 07/07/2015
Bikes & Brews: Warped Wing & Huffy Collaborate

With at least one foot planted firmly in the past, Warped Wing continue to bring Dayton's rich history to light as part of their 21st century success story.

Bikes & Brews: Warped Wing & Huffy Collaborate

Teaming up with the folks at Huffy Corporation (making bikes in Dayton since 1892); their latest collaboration has produced a one-of-a-kind 3-wheeled delivery bike and a summer lager, both named “Radler”.

Ermal Bike Rack at Warped WingI arrived early for the release party, knowing full well that I might not get to see the bike for the crowd if I waited until after 5pm. The first thing I noticed was the new Ermal’s Pop Top bike rack (right), installed earlier in the day just in time for the Radler release party.

Wearing the familiar Ermal’s label (named for Ermal Fraze - inventor of the pop top), it promises to be a big hit with local cyclists.

The Radler bike is not assembled as I expected. I thought the load would be centered over 2 rear tires, and couldn’t have been more wrong.
Warped Wing RadlerThe three wheeled bike has two tires and its load capacity up front, featuring a small rack that can carry cans over a single rear wheel behind the cyclist. My mind was immediately flooded with memories of letting friends ride on the handlebars of my Lil Gypsy.
Steering my bike was easier with the passenger in the back; I can’t help but wonder if the same is true of this vehicle. I look forward to seeing the Radler in action making keg and can deliveries in downtown Dayton.

The “Radler” lager is crisp and refreshing. Made with organic grapefruit juice, I prefer Radler to a summer shandy (traditionally made with lemonade). It’s available on draft only and at just 4% ABV it won’t knock you off your feet…or your bike. Enjoy!

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