Strolling Through the Second Street Market
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Strolling Through the Second Street Market

Strolling Through the Second Street Market
Posted 8/1/2012 - By Tammy Coffin-Hana, Contributing Writer - Aug 1, 2012.

What are you doing on Saturday? If you don’t have any plans, then I have just the place for you to go. If you are from Dayton then know it all too well, and it’s the Second Street Market.

What's Happening Inside the Second Street Market

This past Saturday morning it was absolutely gorgeous as I headed out the door, jumped into my car, and headed down I-75 South. Finally, the boiling temperatures allowed me to play, and to step out of my character a bit from a writer and into the role of a Daytonian who just wanted to enjoy what Dayton had to offer on a Saturday morning. Where did I choose to play? The Five Rivers Metropark's PNC Second Street Market.  

And wow, was I impressed!

What is Second Street Market?

If you are asking what Second Street Market is, then you are just like me. I had no idea it even existed until Dayton Local asked me to pop on down for a visit. I felt a bit like Anthony Bourdain as I walked into a true marketplace of food and excitement with no reservation!

2nd Street Market Food CourtAs I strolled in, the music from a local band was playing, and some families were seated at bistro tables and chairs eating, drinking, and balloon animals were being made for young children. I immediately look to my left, and the market appears to go on for miles, and man, was I right!

So, to answer your question as to what is in the Second Street Market, it's a whole lot! It's worth going down to check it out, and I will tell you a few gems that I personally enjoyed while visiting.

Some of My Favorite Finds at the Second Street Market

Okay, so I am a big time animal lover, and knowing that the Humane Society has a sweet little kitty down there for adoption just makes my heart sing. I had to stop and take snapshots of her, and all of the goodies they offer for doggies and kitties.

2nd Street - Marians Candles My next favorite stop was Marian's Candles, a vendor that is there year round, offering something I had never found anywhere in the country-a moisturizing candle! Needless to say I was impressed.

As the gentleman came from around his table and took the candle from under the warming lamp for a few minutes, then dipped his fingers into the warm liquid in the candle and rubbed it on my hands, I was amazed. 

He had me at "this is a moisturizing candle”, and for the price, I was almost certain I had to do a double take. Fascinated? Yes I was, and to say the least I will be returning to make some purchases soon, and for the holidays of course!

I was amazed as I left that vendor and kept browsing at the local honey and jam vendor, handmade soaps made from essential oils and herbs, gorgeous pottery, and of course the food, food, and more food!

2nd Street Market Product Montage

There were tons of delectable delights including The Spice Rack, providing Amish spices and more, Thai Food, crepes from Crepe Boheme, Caffeine Carls for the coffee addicts, Arepas for those that want Colombian comfort food, and of course one I have to mention, Kolb's Hungarian cabbage rolls.

Kolbs 2nd StreetI had the chance to stop by and speak to the granddaughter of the gentleman who came here by boat years ago to America, and started by smoking high quality Hungarian sausage right in his backyard in the Daytonview area. Everyone knew the Kolb family and what they loved, and it wasn't uncommon for the Kolb's to share sausage and of course their hand-rolled cabbage rolls.

I had the pleasure of trying a fresh cabbage roll with mashed potatoes, and wow was it delicious! These cabbage rolls were tender, flavorful, and joined by a generous serving of sauerkraut; it was the perfect comfort food that I would imagine in the fall season or on a rainy day. Kolb's also featured fresh pies and other baked goods that could send you into sweet zone quite easily. It's a must visit for a family that truly has been charming Dayton for decades.

Are you impressed yet? Okay, so you might not be if you haven't been, but it's clear that the local businesses set up here at the Second Street Market to bring their goods to you in a convenient location on weekends, and many of the vendors are there year round too.

What's Happening Outside the Second Street Market?

Outside the 2nd Street MarketIf you walk around the front of the Second Street Market through November, you will see that there are vendors outside, featuring lots of local fresh produce for sale. There are plenty that bring in their fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, and fresh flowers of all kinds. You will find gorgeous hanging baskets, sunflowers, and all types of wildflowers that are colorful and vibrant.

You will also come across several that offer handmade items like wooden clocks, tables, clothing, and jewelry too. There is something for everyone at the Second Street Market, so it's worth spending some time there with the whole family.

You can go to the market Thursdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. The market is open year round, and is closed on Christmas and New Year's Day. It's the perfect place to find a great gift any time of year for birthdays, holidays, and just to enjoy yourself and find stuff for your home too. Most of all, you will enjoy the wide variety of food vendors that you have to choose from too!

Come out and support the local businesses at the Second Street Market, and you will see that there is plenty here for the Daytonians to enjoy. You can find more information about this market at

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