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Warped Wing Is Flying High

  • Warped Wing Brewing Company
  • Warped Wing Brewing Company

Warped Wing Is Flying High

Warped Wing Is Flying High
Lisa Seibert
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One thing is for sure, the founders are passionate about their beer, and it shows!

Warped Wing Is Flying High

When I ventured into the former foundry that is now home to the Warped Wing Brewing Company early last December, Joe and Nick gave me a grand tour. I marveled at the enormous tanks, large enough for me to walk in as I peered into them from the catwalk…and they’re only one part of the brewing operation. It was hard to imagine how the tasting room would look once the walls, taps, bar, and restrooms were complete.

The most interesting part of the tour was the history lesson that explains the brewery’s historical ties to Dayton.  The logo is based on a drawing the Wright Brothers studied; the name on “Wing Warping”, a technology invented by them which made controlled flight possible. Their canned beers are a nod to Ermal Fraze, the local creator of “pop-top” cans. There is much more, ask Joe or Nick the next time you stop in.

Warped Wing Brewing Company is operated by co-founders Joe Waizmann, John Haggerty, Nick Bowman, and Mike Stover. Joe is well respected in the craft beer community, has judged beer contests all over the world, and brings Alefest & AleFeast to us. Brewmaster John Haggerty was both an unexpected and welcome addition to the team. Joe called John to ask him to recommend a brewmaster. A couple days later, when the promised referral didn’t arrive, Joe called John to touch base…and John said he was interested.

Formerly the Head Brewer at New Holland, John has twenty years experience and the confidence to “take liberties and break rules”. Nick has been marketing and selling craft beer most of his adult life and is great at what he does. Mike is the only partner I haven’t met, and I suspect they keep the man with the checkbook hidden from me for a reason (wink, wink, nod nod).

Whether you call it credit or blame, Joe Waizmann is responsible for my penchant for craft beer, and I’m sure this is the first he’s heard of it. Joe invited me to AleFeast 2013, where it was obvious that the hundreds of people who attended didn’t just like craft beer, they loved it. I knew then that I had to stop wrinkling my nose at it and learn to appreciate craft beer. Thanks Joe, I think.

WWBC opened in January and offers three core beers: Ermal’s Belgian Style Cream Ale, Flyin’ Rye IPA, and 10 Ton Oatmeal Stout. On March 7th, they unveiled a new limited release Maa Durga Red IPA. I like them all, though the 10 Ton Oatmeal Stout and Maa Durga IPA are my personal favorites. If you had told me a year ago, that today I’d choose Stout over Lager, I’d have called you crazy.

WWBC is introducing another beer, Pirogue Black Tripel March 20th, at 5pm. WWBC and Wood Burl Coffee Roasters joined forces to create a new beer.  The brew combines cold brew coffee with an innovative twist on a Belgian style Tripel that Brewmaster, John Haggerty, decided to turn black…there he goes, breaking the rules! I can’t wait to try it.

One thing is for sure, the founders are passionate about their beer, and it shows! If you can't make it to the downtown tasting room, many other restaurants and watering holes in the area carry WWBC beer.. I should also mention that several area restaurants deliver at Warped Wing Brewing Company with their blessing.

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