Korean-inspired fast-casual restaurant opens in Dayton

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Korean-inspired fast-casual restaurant opens in Dayton

Korean-inspired fast-casual restaurant opens in Dayton
Dayton Foodies
Saturday, December 3, 2016

Now open on Brown Street is a Columbus concept that just keeps gaining steam.

Korean-inspired fast-casual restaurant opens in Dayton

The new BIBIBOP Asian Grill restaurant at 1200 Brown Street , near the University of Dayton opened December 1. It marks an even dozen locations for Bibibop, the fast-casual, Korean-inspired, build-your-own-bowl chain with salads, rice, and rolls topped with great choices of proteins, sauces, and toppings. People have been flocking to the nearest location, at Liberty Center, for sometime. It's a place to try while the concept is still new.

The inspiration here is bibimbap: a Korean dish you might have already tried at few local spots. Very popular for its mixture of veggies and rice, the key to a good bowl of it is lots of fresh ingredients. And at this chain, fresh abounds. With a full list online of nutrition facts, it's easy to come to the place without busting a diet.

The latest place to do an assembly line style, custom lunch, you first pick whether you want a rice bowl, wrap or salad then pick from a number of proteins from steak to tofu and Korean-style "spicy chicken." Top it with veggies, potatoes, bean sprouts, cheese, scrambled eggs, and a big variety of other toppings.

Then comes the sauce: a spicy siracha, a sweet teriyaki, and an assertive Korean “red sauce” give you choices to top your bowl off with something extra. A nice, warm heat will get you going by the time you finish a bowl of the stuff. And what’s better: it’s all set up to go.

There's a reason this restaurant has gained so much traction since opening its first location just a few years ago; good healthy and spicy food like this is worth diving into once you find it.

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