Chappy's Taproom and Grill

BY: Lauren Rinehart By Lauren Rinehart, Contributing Writer - October 12, 2012.
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Chappy's Taproom and Grill

If you're looking for a more adventurous beer tasting experience in a restaurant setting with great food, and great entertainment, check out Chappy's Tap Room and Grille in Moraine!

Chappy's Taproom and Grill

Despite trying to eat a healthy diet, one item I can't stop craving is macaroni and cheese. And when I start really craving macaroni and cheese, I usually make a plan to visit Chappy's Tap Room and Grille in Moraine. Chappy's in Dayton

Why they don't make their Verna's Old Fashioned Mac & Cheese an entrée rather than a side, I'll never know. It doesn't take much to get a small group together to go to Chappy's because their food is great and they have tons of beer on tap.

Speaking of their beer, for people like me who tend towards being outright indecisive, Chappy's has beer flights, so you can try a few beers before committing to one in particular. They also have a beer menu with descriptions of them all.

In fact, at any one time, Chappy's have 30 beers on tap ranging from ones you've probably tried like Stella Artois and Yuengling to more obscure varieties like Dark Horse Perkulator Coffee Doppelbock. They also usually have some hard cider varieties on tap as well, which is especially great this time of year. In addition, they have over 80 bottled beers to choose from.

You can also sign up for their popular Beer Club. General Manager Larry Leonhardt explained to us how it works:

Drink 100 Beers including 15 designated draughts and 55 designated bottles. Once you've notched up 25 beers you'll receive a free glass. When you reach 50, you'll get a hat. At 75 beers you'll get a t-shirt, and when you reach the 100 beer milestone you get permanent happy hour pricing! Forever! But that's not all - you also get your name engraved on their wall of fame! Seriously - that's the photo below :)

Chappys Beer Club

And don't worry about keeping score - Chappy's will keep a record card for you. The cost to join the Chappy's Beer Club is just $10, but you immediately get a free appetizer. How cool is that?

Chappy's also has some great entertainment, including Nick Mitchell (Friday night's between 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm and every Sat except the 2nd Saturday of the month). For those of you reading this who have managed to live in Dayton without hearing Nick Mitchell – you need to make that happen.

Nick Mitchell is probably the only local act in the Dayton area that no one has a problem with. I can be incredibly picky about bands – I have absolutely no problem leaving when I don't like a band, even if I'm having an otherwise good time. (Also, when any restaurant or bar starts setting up karaoke, I ask for my check.) But when Nick Mitchell is playing, people stick around.

Nick Mitchell

He can take pretty much any request you can throw at him, but if you don't want to run the risk of picking something outside his wheelhouse, you could refer to the two or three overflowing black binders he sets on a nearby table of all the songs he knows. He's seriously that amazing.

Nick also apparently has the ability to bend time, because on Monday you can tell three friends that you saw Nick Mitchell at a bar last Friday and your friends will probably have also seen him at 3 other bars that same evening. I really don't know how he does it.

If you're looking for a more adventurous beer tasting experience in a restaurant setting with great food, check out Chappy's Tap Room and Grille.

Chappy's Tap Room and Grill
2733 West Alex-Bell Road
Moraine, OH 45459
(937) 299-RIBS (7427)

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Chappy's Taproom and Grill.

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