5 things to try this Summer Restaurant Week

BY: Dayton Foodies
last updated 07/22/2016
5 things to try this Summer Restaurant Week

If there's anything you'll learn this Summer Restaurant Week, it's that even the best known restaurants know how to surprise with new ideas.

5 things to try this Summer Restaurant Week

Restaurant week is always a chance for Dayton’s best chefs to strut their stuff, but this year the restaurants seem to have gone into overdrive with the creativity, bringing out new and interesting dishes and cooking styles from kitchens you wouldn’t expect. If you haven’t been back to your favorite restaurant in awhile, now might be a good time to try.

Summer Restaurant Week 2016 PreviewFive crowd favorites:

  • Smoked St. Louis Ribs from Basil’s On Market: Served up with grilled pineapple and pepper jack grits and a cucumber ceviche. The rub on the ribs made them one of the most popular sneak peak items! Try it for a new take on southern barbecue, or maybe just because Basil’s is getting ready to open in downtown Dayton! 
  • Teriyaki wings from Park City Club: The talent of Chef Dana Downs’ Kettering restaurant has always been that it made good American food even better. These wings are saucy, a little sweet and very addictive. Good with those Park Potatoes!
  • Summer salad from CoCo’s Bistro: Restaurant week has always been the chance for CoCo’s to prove it is the master of salads. This year they’re bringing out a spinach salad with a thick blueberry vinaigrette, pecans and cheese to top. Light and fruity!
  • Ribs and coleslaw from Amber Rose: Did you think Amber Rose did barbecue alongside its menu of eastern European specialties? Prepare to be impressed. Tender ribs with a thick and sweet sauce go perfectly with a creamy coleslaw.
  • Moroccan Meat Balls from Ele Cake Co.: A delightful taste in African spices from what is normally a bakery, this dish features a thick potato pancake base and spicy tomato chutney with spicy meatballs and ratatouille. 

Restaurant week starts this Sunday, July 24 and runs through Sunday 31st.  To view the full menus for all participating restaurants, see our Guide to Summer Restaurant Week.

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Guide to Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week is a chance for dozens of local restaurants to show off new dishes and offer you a chance to see what they can do.

Summer Restaurant Week runs from July 24-31, 2016. Now you've got an excuse to try a lot of places around town you may never have sampled before. Find out which restaurants are participating and view their menus, right here on Dayton Local - see Your Guide to Dayton's Restaurant Week.

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