Take the Hershey Bar Challenge, Just don’t tell my dentist!

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Take the Hershey Bar Challenge, Just don’t tell my dentist!

Take the Hershey Bar Challenge, Just don’t tell my dentist!
Mister C
Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mister C found himself with a few more chocolate bars than friends to share with in this video. With 8 bars of chocolate and only 5 friends to share, what should he do?

Take the Hershey Bar Challenge, Just don’t tell my dentist!

Can your little mathematicians come up with a way to share equal amounts of chocolate among friends? 

You may even find yourselves, just like Mister C, with a few extra chocolate treats since Valentine’s Day was this week! How do you figure out how to share your chocolates equally? What are they ways we can measure the chocolate? By weight? By squares? Invite your kids to explore everyday “problems” and see what solutions they come up with.

Hershey Chocolate bars

Learning together is always more fun! Taking experiences from our everyday lives can be a great way to expose kids to how science and math help us in the “real world.” Math is a tool for so many of us in our daily lives. Things like cooking require precise measurements, exact temperatures and timing. We can calculate the gas mileage our vehicles get to see if repairs may be needed. There are unlimited ways that math helps us be successful in our day to day lives. Include your kids in these calculations, measurements and decisions. You’ll be impressed with how quickly their math skills can add up!

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, teacher, or friend, we can all take the time to help kids reach their full potential. Mister C invites you all to join him to explore the wonders of the world around us to LEARN TOGETHER!

When Mister C is not in the lab experimenting or in the studio dropping beats, he loves to connect with other learners online. Share with us how you’re having fun learning this week and use #LearnTogetherDayton to share with Mister C!

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