DIY Soda Fountain with Mister C

last updated 04/03/2018
DIY Soda Fountain with Mister C

Watch Mister C's Mentos Soda Fountain Geyser video and try this physical change experiment at home to release your own carbon dioxide powered geyser.

DIY Soda Fountain with Mister C

Observation is an important skill for scientists. Physical and chemical changes are one way that scientists can describe what they observe. A physical change in a substance is when there is no change in what the substance actually is. A chemical change happens when a new substance is formed. A good example of a physical change would be to tear a piece of paper up. The change is physical because the shape of the paper is different, but it is still paper. However, if you burn that same piece of paper, now a chemical change has occurred, it is no longer paper and has turned to ashes.


  • Bottle soda (diet is less sticky)
  • Mentos candies

Grab some bottles of diet soda (diet makes for a less sticky mess!) and several Mentos candies. Mister C has created an elaborate contraption out of tubes and magnets to drop his Mentos candies into the soda, but you can simply drop the candies into an open soda bottle. Observe what happens when you drop the candies into the soda. What happens if you increase the number of candies? What happens if different flavors or colors of
soda are used?

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Mister C.

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