Witness the self-discovery of PIPPIN

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Witness the self-discovery of PIPPIN

Witness the self-discovery of PIPPIN
Michael Woody
Friday, October 2, 2015

A classic tale of self-discovery PIPPIN follows a young prince on his journey to answer the question, ‘what am I for?’

Witness the self-discovery of PIPPIN

Though the story of PIPPIN is well known by many, it’s never been seen like this as the revived version of the hit musical comes to the Schuster Center for performances of October 6 through 11. The most nominated Broadway show of 2013, and winner of four Tony Awards, PIPPIN brings a circus like atmosphere to the stage that is sure to leave the audience breathless.

In the role of Pippin, Brian Flores can easily relate to the title character as he himself is going through a somewhat similar journey of self-discovery while making his professional theatre debut. A recent graduate from the University of Michigan, Flores now finds himself touring the world as a lead character in a smash-hit musical. “Pippin is a young guy searching for fulfillment and meaning, which I can relate too. I moved to New York from a college town and it was intimidating to try and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I bring a lot of myself to the character,” said Flores.

The voices aren’t the only thing that soar in PIPPIN, there is also death (or at least serious injury)-defying aerial acrobatics performed by the Montreal based circus company known as 7 Fingers. The circus elements serve as a compliment to much of the shows standard choreography created by Bob Fosse. “There’s a lot of the original choreography that diehard PIPPIN fans will enjoy, such as the Manson Trio,” said Flores.

Flores had to learn a number of acrobatic stunts for the role, some of which he must complete while singing, especially during ‘Extraordinary.’ With all the skilled acrobats around him on stage he always feels safe, no matter how high he might be flying through the air.

A visual extravaganza, PIPPIN has three rings worth of activity on just one stage from beginning until the end. The audience can expect both their eyes and hearts to be captivated by the performance. Those who attend theatre mostly for the music, as well as those who prefer magical storytelling, are promised to be thoroughly entertained. “It has extraordinary songs with lots of acrobatics. It’s very fun,” said Flores. “Everyone will be able to relate with someone in the show and take something away from it.”

The national tour, which recently spent three weeks in Tokyo, has been a real enlightening experience for Flores. He has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge not only professionally, but also personally. “I’ve learned so much about myself and the business while on this tour. This experience will always be one of the most informative experiences of my entire life,” he said.

All are encouraged to witness the self-discovery of PIPPIN at the Schuster Center, October 6 – 11.

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