Celebrate Halloween with The Dayton Ballet

BY: Lisa Seibert
last updated 10/23/2019
Celebrate Halloween with The Dayton Ballet

Phantom Dances is a repertoire of five works choreographed by Karen Russo Burke, Nicole Haskins, Penny Saunders, and Amy Seiwert showcasing the dancers athleticism and artistry.

Celebrate Halloween with The Dayton Ballet

The Dayton Ballet presents Phantom Dances featuring five works, including two stunning world premieres. All five ballets were choreographed by women, promising a captivating weekend of dance in the Gem City. Dayton Ballet will perfom evening shows Thursday, Friday, and Saturday concluding the run with a 3pm matinee on Sunday.

Día de Los Muertos choreographed by Dayton Ballet Artistic Director Karen Russo Burke. This new ballet honors the souls of loved ones far and near. It is not a focus on death, but more on what happens when we pass into the next life.

La Linea Scura (meaning “the dark line”) from choreographer Nicole Haskins. A pas de deux in which two dancers dance intimately together, although they never look at each other.

Ghost Light is a Dayton-premiere ballet from imaginative choreographer Penny Saunders. Ghost Light tells the story of what happens after the audience leaves the theater and the ‘ghosts’ of former performers are left to their own devices.

Chasing Ghosts is a work choreographed by Cincinnati native Amy Seiwert. The title comes from that feeling of chasing a memory, something you can’t put your finger on, a feeling that’s on the tip of your heart but that you can’t quite wrap your head around.

Masquerade, choreographed by Karen Russo Burke, the second world premiere of the evening. You will be transported to a gala ball with dancers dressed in tails and gowns with a splash of cobwebs at a haunted house. Will the dancers reveal themselves from underneath their masks? Come and find out!

Before each performance, Dayton Ballet Artistic Director Karen Russo Burke will hold a pre-performance talk called “The First Step,” giving audience members a more in-depth look at the upcoming performance and a behind-the-scenes peek at Dayton Ballet. “The First Step” will be held 45 minutes prior to curtain time for each performance in the Burnell Roberts Room at 126 North Main Street, beside the Victoria Theatre. “Behind the Ballet,” a Q&A with dancers that gives audiences the opportunity to learn more about the life of a dancer with Dayton Ballet, will follow each performance in the theatre. “The First Step” and “Behind the Ballet” sessions are free of charge for all ticketholders.

Dayton Ballet.

Dayton Ballet - Founded in 1937, Dayton Ballet, the second-oldest ballet company in the United States is known for its innovative and collaborative endeavors.

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