Tree House Village at Owen's Place

last updated 08/25/2016
Tree House Village at Owen's Place

The Treehouse Village at Owen's Place is a universally accessible playground located in Rotary Park, Beavercreek.

Tree House Village at Owen's Place

What is Owen's Place?

Owen’s Place is a universally accessible playground, designed for individuals of all ages and ability levels.  The playground is the inspiration of Trish Gustafson, whose son, Owen, uses a wheelchair.  Owen's Place is located in Victory Park, which is accessible through Rotary Park in Beavercreek.

The Tree House Village, which opened in Aust 2016, is Phase 2 of the Owen's Place recreational project, and includes ramps, swings, swinging bridges, boardwalks and a clubhouse. The Tree House Village, along with the existing playground offers more than an acre of accessible play and recreation.

Phase 1, which opened in May 2013, includes a shadow play area with colorful panels that all have different textures. This provides an activity for visually impaired children to use their sense of touch. There are also two bench swings set at wheelchair height so individuals can access them easily.

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